Went to Crockett yesterday morning and noticed nearly all of the lilly pads appear to be "dying" as though someone sprayed them. Most are all brown and dead. Some scattered green ones left, but is that normal this time of year? Thought those would last to late into the fall. I was over there about a month ago and they were all their usual luscious green, providing lots of shade and canopy and had a great day fishing. Now it looks like we had a freeze!! And that seemed to affect the pad fishing quite a bit. Hardly any bites at all. Only bites came from spots where there were a few healthy looking ones. Did manage to hook into one good one - maybe 4 lbs, but he spit the bit when he thought he would become a gymnast and do a couple flips in the air! I didn't have a bite for almost 3 hrs and thought I was going to get skunked! You DON'T get skunked on Crockett, you just don't. Ended up catching two average ones, then that nice one that came off and one other blow up and all of those were only on green pumpkin colored stuff, no success on any other color or on usually productive crankbaits in the deeper areas. Left about noon as it was getting too caliente! Was at Southlake last week and that's not the case there, in fact just the opposite. It's a jungle on that lake. Anyhow, the fish are still there but will have to adjust how you go after them I guess. Yall ever seen that pad die off this time of year?

Benny Hood