Great weekend of fishing Dorthy's group from New Orleans. We let the trout alone for a while, since all
We were looking for were big redfish. Most of the group being from New Orleans has fishing experience here in Louisiana.
Stacie, originally from Texas with the group, moved to New Orleans three
Years ago. She had her first experience on the gulf on this trip and her
first time catching redfish, seeing dolphins, baiting and casting a rod N reel.
All the ladies had a great time catching big redfish, and nice weather on the
Water. They just couldn't get over the fact how great it was to have
A toilet that flushes with a seat on a boat. So they drank as much as they wanted because of
That convenience and asked that I pass the word that Capt Chad has a toilet on his boat.
We even won the tournament between the four boats fishing. Biggest redfish, most spots, and biggest
Miscellaneous fish(40lb Jack crevel).
Trout are still on and so are the redfish in Venice, La.
Capt Chad 5042705986