There is a special definition for the word “smack,” or the phrase, “smack talking,” that is almost uniquely found amongst competitive bass fishing enthusiasts! There are similar definitions in the dictionaries that describe smack as a loud slap or slap sound, pressed hard against something (i.e., “smack against the wall”). We, anglers and bass fishing junkies, refer to it as something rather “sarcastic, challenging (in nature) and good-hearted.” In the southern states we call it being a smart aleck (or another similar phrase ). It is an art form in the realistic sense and takes a lot of practice. The delivery must be done so as to draw a like response from the people or group of people it is being directed towards, without offending the recipient. Once this has been mastered, it can result in some truly entertaining dialogue.

Texas Fishing Forum Match Play is a unique game that actually evolved from “smack talk” amongst friends on the TFF. A group of individuals, led by Jack Lantrip, affectionately referred to themselves as “Team Sweeeet.” This group of folks is by no means new to the term “smack talking”. They are in fact the SOURCE from which it sprang! A number of the other TFF members joined in the “smack” and eventually started contriving a number of other team names in rebuttal to the Team Sweeet litany. Eventually, these teams came up with the idea of a low-key match play game whereby the greatest honor would be bragging rights earned by the highest scoring teams. There is also a monetary pot at the end of the challenge season, but it is relatively small in comparison to most Texas tournament circuits. The biggest prize is bragging rights.

Match Play teams are comprised of a very large cross section from the TFF. Some folks fish considerably more than others - they are also professionals from every walk of life. Participants are all friends first and foremost. The squads are expected to compete each month, but more than anything they are expected to go out and fish against another squad with a mutual interest, and make the experience enjoyable! Get to know the other guys!

Sit back and enjoy the show and keep an eye on the topics in the Texas Fishing Forum, I can promise a lot of “smack talking” over the next few months! This will be the official website. The results will get updated regularly as will the match schedules. Be sure and read the rules to get a better understanding of how it will work.

Bob Smith
TFF Warden and Moderator