Thanks Curtis and taking5kidsfishing for the replies. Curtis: I have caught several nice FAT Bluegill this past week but I released them. Pretty sure they were carrying eggs. It would not surprise me if we see a spawn at the end of February or very early March! hmmm Taking5kidsfishing: Will put you on my prayer list and hope you get back on the water and into the GREAT OUTDOORS! I have not fished the Guadalupe State Park in a while. The last time I fished there I caught nothing but small Bluegill and bass. As for rig I myself use an Shakespeare Ultralight Combo with a size six hook, and a size 5 shot with six pound test line. A carton of night crawlers is my bait. I thread about a quarter of the worm on my hook leavening the tip exposed. Cast where ever you think a fish might be. I usually work the bottom with a very slow retrieve. Tactics can change depending on the bite and water body! thumb

Side Note: Taking5kidsfishing: Got your PM! Give me a call whenever you are in my neck of the woods! Would love to meet ya. cheers

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