Flounder and people everywhere. Shoulder to shoulder on the bank, and boats bow to stern in the water. No sign of letting up. Artificials seemed to work best. Arties with dead shrimped worked well, and "Gulp Anything" with dead shrimp or not worked well also. Flounder not so picky, but out going tide seemed to be best. Chased birds a little while ( they are all over Sabine Lake) but, not as productive today. More small Specks than anything, not like it was the day before. Fished a point with some swift water and hit some Big Redfish and Black Drum. One Redfish we caught twice. The first time it broke the line. When I took the hook out of a Redfish we caught about 30 minutes later I noticed some monofilament line hanging out of its mouth. I pulled the line and deep in its throat was the lure we had lost earlier. Went to the Sabine jetties and although it was windy, the jetties were calm. Started catching Hard Heads so we left. Back to the Sabine Pass and ended the day catching Flounder. I do not remember the Flounder fishing in Sabine Pass ever going this long and this strong. It rivals Sea Wolf Park and the Cameron Ferry Landing at their best. Dick Dowling State Park looked like a civil war scene, but people wre lined up with along the railswith rod and reels instead of muskets. www.luckylindycharters@yahoo.com