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#2122139 - 03/30/08 08:34 PM A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results with pics
Casey Allison Offline
Sissy Boy

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 10031
Loc: Fate, Tx
What a day, wait till you see how MTGMAN did.

On March 30th, 2008
air temp.....67 in the morning and maxed out around 80
Cloud cover all day
Slight wind and gust sometimes

Well I have been talking with Aaron for a few weeks about " A Day On The Lake" I decided to take him to a lake that was.
2.Has Little boat pressure
3. He's never been on.

I put him on lake BACHMAN, in Dallas. Lake Bachman is a small 132 acre lake located next to Love Field Airport. It was impounded in 1903 and has a max depth of 14 feet.

Aaron is a member of the Denton County Bass Club.
His home lake is Lewisville.

Here's how Aaron's DAY ON THE LAKE went.

He arrives at ramp pulling a,
2008 Skeeter 20' iClass with a 250 HP Yamaha Vmax Series 2,and
Minn Kota Maxxum Pro 101 lb.

After meeting and talking about the lake and weather, we notice there logs and timber on the boat ramp. I had talk to TPW and they informed me that no one ever fishes this lake in a boat. They were not kidding.

After cleaning the ramp we launch on the shallow ramp.

After idling around for a few minutes he spots a Sea Wall located to the left side of the dam, He looks at his Lowrance LCX 28c HD,
64.7 degrees and 8.8 ft of water looks as good as place as any he states.

After getting everything organized he puts on a Baby Brush, Black/Blue Flake with a 1/16 bullet weight and a 3/0 hook.

Starts casting at a lay down next to spill way.

Switches to a Rattle Trap, Craw/Char in color. He cast it down sea wall at spill way.

Comments about a stump on bottom of lake and reply
s about he's glad theres some type os structure on bottom.

Digs through Storage locker and locates a black buzz bait with a black tri blade.

Cast buzz bait over lay down at spill way.

Moves to dam in 6.2 ft of water and continues to throw Black Buzz Bait.

Points out how deep it get in middle of lake by dam and states they should be around here some where.

Moves to 9.4 of water and gets close to a Brick Tower in middle of lake. He starts throwing a 6-8 diving Fat Free Shad around tower.

looks around and can't believe were the only boat on the lake and how calm it is.

Goes back to Baby Brush hog casting it around Brick Tower,
and Perks up when he feels something different on the bottom.
I feels weird but theres some thing down there, and I don't think it's a fish though.

Plane takes off from Love Field and makes him turn to look, REAL FAST, he comments on how crazy it is to fish that close to the planes.

Puts on a Watermelon Candy Baby Brush hod on a 1/16 weight and 3/0 hook.

While moving back to slope off of dam he talk about the Lake Fork Tackle Live Magic Shad, and how he like the action it has.

Starts back casting at dam

After one hour and no fish, he talk about needing to find off shore structure.

He goes back to Fat Free Shad, throwing it in 11.3 feet of water. Hoping the fish are suspended.

Lays rods down and start motor and moves back to spill way.

Drops trolling motor and starts casting Black Buzz bait around see wall in 3 feet of water.

Tells me fish in this lake probably have never seen a buzz bait.

Cast to pocket in see wall and get hung up. Finally after shaking it for a second he pops it loose.

He goes back to Baby Brush hog, flipping it to see wall in 6.2 feet of water.

8:10 Runs Brush Hog off of sea wall ledge and sets the hook, and BREAKS it off, He looks at me with a blank face, and states I NEVER BREAK off fish with this P-LINE.

Reties with a 1/16 Bullet Weight and 3/0 hook, This time he puts on a 7 and 1/2 Yum ribbon tail worm in Watermelon seed. Sprays tail with Char spike it.

He cast back to same spot on ledge and WHACK sets the hook again and lands a Bass weighing 14oz, Hey gets the stink off he replies

Cast back at sea wall and tells me he has really good luck with a ribbon tail worm and the last two bites told on them selves.

Locates brush around along see wall in 5.4 feet of water, and slows down and fishes it inside and out.

Locates a great stick up and makes a cast at it, gets hung up and goes in after it, Well there goes that spot for a while he states.

Moves back to lay down around spill way.

Cast at lay down and watches another plane land, and laughs. This is crazy, he mumbles.

Fish blows up where he caught Fish number 1 and syas he knows there something special about that spot.

Starts throwing a Thin N around sea wall in 7.3 feet of water.

Fish HAMMERS Thin N and shakes off half way to the boat, Like a trooper he shakes his head and keeps casting.

Another fish hits Thin N, he cant get the hook set and tells me, there short striking it somehow.

Back to Ribbon tail worm where he caught fish number one.

Puts trolling motor on high and moves about 50 yards to another sea wall point.

a Bass Break water near boat and causes him to pick up the Thin N and cast over the spot a few times.8.1 feet of water with 64.9 water temp

Starts throwing Ribbon tail worm at log under water he located with Thin N.

Cast to lay down on sea wall and works worm slowly.

Fish Takes worm and he sets the hook, and misses, man whats going on he claims.

Throws back at lay down and plant it good this time. Its a BASS, he gets it to the boat and weighs about 1/2 pound. He release it and tells me, Hope thats not all thats in here. He was in 7.4 feet of water with 64.7 water temp.

Continues to flip Ribbon tail worm to sea wall and checks out another jet landing.

Cast to a stick up along sea wall, and Thump, he sticks and lands another BASS weighing in at 1 pound. He just started swimming with it he says.

Notices drainage line in sea wall and starts casting at it, theres got to be one here he states.

Goes back to Black Buzz bait, Buzzing lay downs.

Looks around and checks out another jumbo jet landing.

goes back to Ribbon tail worm casting it in 3.5 feet of water near flooded grass.

Goes back to Blue/Chat Thin N along sea wall, I'll figure then out, he says.

Straps rod down and fires up motor, and runs down lake

After about 1/4 mile run, he drops trolling motor and starts casting ribbon tail worm to a grass bank in 2 feet of water with boat in 4.5 feet of water. 64.9 Water temp.

Finds lay down sticking out of bank and picks it apart.

Moves to middle of lake and tries to find off shore structure, with a ribbon tail worm.

Straps rods down again and moves back to sea wall by spill way.
I have a lot more confidence here he states.

Ties on Zoom Super Fluke watermelon pepper with Char tail. Flipping it to sea wall.

Starts casting a Zoom Finesse worm, Watermelon Candy 4" on a 3/0 hook with a 1/16 weight. Aiming at any structure on the sea wall.

Feels a bite but fish spits it out.

Looks around and laughs at how empty the lake is and even with wind the lake is calm.

Feels a light tap and sets the hook, This is a better one he says to me. After a fast battle he land a NICE CHUNK weighing 2.14 LBS. I was lust pulling it off the drop in the wall and he hit it, Maybe I'm on to something he states with a smile.

The very next cast feels another tap and sets the hook rod bends and he fights the tree limb half way to the boat and laughs and shakes it off. It's OK I do it all the time I tell him.

He tells me about his Fork story, and let me tell you it;s a good one, just glad your OK buddy.

Gets worm hung on sea wall, gets it off and tells me he glad he didn't have to mess up that spot.

He points out how the winds picking up and more clouds are starting to roll in.

Continues to pick apart brush on sea wall.

Still flipping Fin Work he Sets hook and land a nice 1 pound BASS. He set the hook so hard the fish almost flew to the boat, I didn't want to miss that one he explains. 8.0 water in 65 water temp

Sets hook and lands another BASS just over a pound, there waking up now I tell him.

Digs in to bag and takes out another Fin Worm, I love when they get that broke in feeling he states, but this ones had it.

Looks around and comments again on no other boats in the lake.

With the wind picking up slightly he moves to sea wall pocket close to where he caught fish one.

Goes back to working super fluke around sea wall point. Theres something down there I know has fish on it, I just got to get them to bite. He sates.

Moves around point to use wind to his advantage. Pulling Fluke over point.

Picks back up the Zoom Fin worm and starts working it off sea wall ledge.

Moves to a spot where a tree is over hanging lake.

Gets in to locker box and grab a Cinnamon Roll and Red Bull,
Holding them up he claims that this is the breakfast of champions.

After a fast bite he goes back to throwing the fin worm along sea wall.

While talking to me about rod/reel combos, he pauses and sets the hook, Pulling in another fish, He shows it to me and says it's small, very small and releases it back to grow up.

Throws back to same spot and starts telling me what he was doing on the last fish to trigger a strike, about that time, WHACK he sticks and lands another small bass.

I hear ringing in his compartment, it's he phone, after a fast look he lays it down and does not answer it.

Moves back to where he caught fish 1 and work drop off very slowly. Theres a sweet spot here I got to find it again he says.

He cast out to a brush pile and starts talking about home loans, when he turns and sets the hook, Lands another small BASS. 6.6 feet of water and 65.5 water temp

11:42 RARES BACK and sets hook again well he didn't stick it so the weight flew back, and let me tell you, your knuckles don't like the feel of lead smacking them. I'm very sorry he says but that fish hammered it.

Cast back to same spot and WHACK, he sticks it this time and the fight it on, once the fish comes free of the bush , he lands it for his second biggest fish of the day, a 2.12 lb BASS. I think it was the same fish, Nice chunk though. He caught it on a Fin worm in 6.0 water with 65.6 water temp

Digs into box and grabs another fin worm, Watermelon Candy, and spikes the tail with Char.

Continues he way around sea wall telling me how that last fish has him fired up now.

Sun came out for a few minute sow he goes to fishing closer to structure.

Sets hook but fish comes unbutton, Man I missed that one he states, while looking back and laughing.

Decides to change things up with the clouds back, he ties on a Blue Gill Pattern Crank bait 3 foot diver.

Start cast at sea wall running it a close to wall as possible.
This will trigger a strike he says.

Back to the Fin Worm around see wall point where he caught his first fish of the day.

Tie on Fat Free shad 9-12 foot diver in 8.8 feet of water with temp at 65.6.

Moves to middle of lake but can't find any off shore structure.

Moves back to sea wall at spill way, and throwing Fin worm.

Looks back and ask me how many fish for haw many pounds I thought he had. I start counting it up for him.

While he throws around a stick up off the sea wall.
I give him a answer, he shakes his head and states I need one more, ABOUT 10 SECONDS LATER WHACK, The rod bows and the fight is on. I get down and grab the fish for him, it's the biggest fish of the day and a CHUNK. we put her on the scales and she maxed out at 4.02 lbs. .06 from the lake record.

We make our way back to the ramp and loader up.

Stringer Total
11.12 LBS
Big Fish

Big Fish was .06 off of lake record.

All Fish were caught on Baits below

Sorry for so sloppy but I was trying to hurry for all the night owls.

Casey Allison

Edited by mrbass24 (03/31/08 04:26 AM)

#2122182 - 03/30/08 08:47 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Casey Allison]
MWilkins (a.k.a. Keeb) Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 07/25/07
Posts: 3177
Loc: Sachse, TX
Thanks for getting it done so quick for us night owls. grin Looks like you guys had fun on Bachman today. Good write up by the way Casey. Cant wait for the next one.

#2122194 - 03/30/08 08:51 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Casey Allison]
Rick_Roebuck Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 11/04/03
Posts: 549
Loc: Talty, Texas
Very nicely done Casey. And I like to volunteer to go to a lake some time. Would have been great had Aaron gotten the Lake Record.

Very nice spin on the A Day on the Lake.



#2122199 - 03/30/08 08:52 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Casey Allison]
USA-1 Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 02/19/04
Posts: 5251
Loc: Tarrant County, TX
Wow... I almost feel as I was in the boat with both of you. Great job! Maybe in the future, we can include a photo of the angler a shot of the baits he used that day.

Again, awesome!

Karios Texas Prison Ministry
Evil succeeds when good men stand by and do nothing...

#2122209 - 03/30/08 08:55 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: USA-1]
Casey Allison Offline
Sissy Boy

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 10031
Loc: Fate, Tx
Photos getting uploaded right now

Just wanted to get this there for you to start reading


#2122219 - 03/30/08 08:58 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Casey Allison]
K.P Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/13/05
Posts: 2740
Loc: Poetry TX
well done, thanks for putting in the time to get this going!

#2122240 - 03/30/08 09:03 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: MWilkins (a.k.a. Keeb)]
Matt McClellan Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/25/08
Posts: 1936
Loc: Tyler, Tx
AWESOME...For a lake with not many big fish in it he did very well...great idea and good job on the detailed write up....Cant wait for the next one....

Prosthetic Orthotic Associates of Texas

#2122255 - 03/30/08 09:09 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Matt McClellan]
K.P Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/13/05
Posts: 2740
Loc: Poetry TX
great job to both of you!

Edited by K.P (04/02/08 09:38 AM)

#2122286 - 03/30/08 09:24 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: K.P]
SoCal Tom Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 04/10/07
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Loc: Garland, TX
Great job Casey, and well done to MTGMAN! I bet the passengers that fly in to Love Field all the time were surprised to see a boat down there! smile

3rd annual FFAC - Sunday October 28, 2018 - Lake Ray Hubbard

#2122314 - 03/30/08 09:41 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: K.P]
brandon f. Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/01/08
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Loc: Nacogdoches
awesome write up Casey! this is gunna be a big hit i believe... so we can expect another one next sunday night right? lol

oh and great job to MTGMAN on catching that lake toad... almost a record...

#2122335 - 03/30/08 10:01 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: brandon f.]
Casey Allison Offline
Sissy Boy

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 10031
Loc: Fate, Tx
I was pretty impressed with his ability to locate and learn what lure to use to catch them in such a short time.

He's also a GREAT GUY, and look forward to fishing with him soon.


#2122338 - 03/30/08 10:03 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: brandon f.]
Monte Coon Offline
Coon's Bar & Grill

Registered: 03/09/03
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Nice job it sounds like yall had a great day on the water. Keep them coming this is going to be fun to keep up with.
Monte Coon | Sales Manager | Moritz Chevrolet | 817-696-2003

#2122366 - 03/30/08 10:30 PM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Monte Coon]
Slide_R Online   sleepy
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 05/31/03
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Loc: Richardson
Nice day on the lake and good catch Aaron. Nice job on the write up Casey. Perhaps we have our next Tim Tucker in our midst, God rest his soul. I look forward to future installments.
Robert Oleson
aka Slide_R

#2122423 - 03/31/08 03:05 AM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: Casey Allison]
ChampN Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 07/05/04
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Loc: Texas
Originally Posted By: mrbass24
I was pretty impressed with his ability to locate and learn what lure to use to catch them in such a short time.

He's also a GREAT GUY, and look forward to fishing with him soon.


Very nice job Casey & Aaron!!!
I look forward to the next one.

#2122509 - 03/31/08 04:52 AM Re: A Day On The Lake With A Weekend Warrior...Results [Re: ChampN]
Fishing on a string Offline
Extreme Angler

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A very nice way to wake up on Monday morning, job well done by both. I look forward to the next installment.

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