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#1479422 - 07/25/07 09:48 AM Keep Fish Alive
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/12/03
Posts: 5546
Loc: Texoma
I wanted to let everyone know that there is a treatment that is safe for oxygenator systems in your livewell. If you go to it is called U2 pro formula. I did not know there was even such a treatment out there.

#1479751 - 07/25/07 11:35 AM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: TIM CLINE]
Lane Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/18/06
Posts: 766
Loc: Seguin,TX

The "Oxygenator" claims that their U2 pro formula is the "ONLY"
safe livewell treatment that can be used with their system is

The "Oxygenator", generates highly unstable ozone molecules that
convert to the more stable oxygen. Ozone reacts with various
chlorides (salts) and metals to generate chlorine which is toxic
be used with their system, even if it contains salt! Most if not
ALL livewell products on the market today contain dechlorinators
and MANY contain ammonia removers! Their marketing is FALSE and

I have spoken with representatives from their company as to why
their labeling does not contain accurate information, especially
since some freshwater bodies of water have high saline levels.
Lake Texoma and the Red River definately have higher saline levels, and many anglers have lost fish. These anglers were not
using salt or products that contain dechlorinators. Their labeling should contain a WARNING label that CLEARLY states that
CHLORINE can be generated with the use of salt or salt products

The "Oxygenator", does NOT INCREASE OUTPUT! It only cycles on and
off based upon an temperature sensor. BOD or biological demand based upon the pounds of fish in the livewell is CRITICAL to
required dissolved oxygen levels needed to maintain the fish.
Recent scientific studies have proven that fish maintained with
sub optimal dissolved oxygen levels suffer LONG TERM AND PERMAMENT BRAIN DAMAGE, and many of these fish die of starvation
due to impaired brain function!

I recently tested the "Oxygenator" unit in livewells at a tournament where boats were allowed to be trailered for the weigh
in. There were NO livewell treatments in the livewells tested.
My YSI DO meter registered DO levels between 4ppm and 7ppm, the
livewell temperatures were between 78F to 82F. There was a three
fish limit and the BOD or weight of the fish hovered around 20lbs plus. My conclusion was that this system was inadequate
in maintaining optimal DO levels based upon both livewell temps
and BOD. Bottomline, is that during the hot summer months anglers
will HAVE to use ice and run aeration continuously to maintain
adequate DO levels. The "Oxygenator" by itself will not get the
job done with a limit of fish during the hot summer months here
in Texas. It is the responsiblity of the individual angler to
arm or educate himself with accurate information if he or she
plans to maintain any species of fish in a livewell during the
hot summer months!

Any biologist will tell you that dissolved oxygen levels are based upon temperatures and biological demand. The best systems
that we have tested are compressed oxygen cylinders used in
conjunction with an high quality ceramic diffuser, the PRO-Air
factory installed venturi system, 3% hydrogen peroxide, all used
in conjunction with maintaining proper livewell temperatures.
There is a company that will be introducing a chiller unit for
livewells latter this year or early next year. The owner has
his Master's Degree in Fisheries Biology. We have been waiting
for this technology for YEARS, and hopefully anglers and boat
manufacturers will embrace it's use!

Moral to this story, don't be fooled by hype and slick marketing!

#1479800 - 07/25/07 11:52 AM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
senko9S Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 10/15/03
Posts: 22928
Loc: Bedford, TX
i'll stick w/ my Catch n Release, ice, and peroxide when needed. works for me even if i lose power to my pumps. it blows my mind how much hilarious marketing is in the fishing industry and how so many eat it up...
David Short

#1479817 - 07/25/07 11:59 AM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/12/03
Posts: 5546
Loc: Texoma
So which of your products can I safely use with this system. I have used the catch and release formula and it works great. So tell us more about 3% hydrogen peroxide. How can I safely use it? How much per gallon? I hear and read all kinds of info on livewell temps. How much should I lower the water temp? Say if the ambient temp of the water is 85d. How much does a DO meter cost?

Edited by TIM CLINE (07/25/07 12:33 PM)

#1479917 - 07/25/07 12:31 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: TIM CLINE]
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/12/03
Posts: 5546
Loc: Texoma
If your post is a shot at me fine. I really do not see anything funny about telling people about another product that may work well. Lane has a problem with their marketing and it sounds like he has a good reason to gripe. Lane did not try and talk down to anyone as you did. Lane explained his case and I appreciate that. I have been using Lanes products for quite sometime. To take a shot at me which is the way I am taking it is way off base. If Lanes product is safe with an oxygenator great I will use the 5 bottles I already own of his product. I have not had anyone ever say it was safe with the system that I can remeber. I am taking Lanes post to say that his product is safe with the system and would assume that means to use as directed meaning do not put to much in. My new boat has the system built in so I want to make sure I use the best product I can to ensure the health of the fish. If that means looking like I fell for hilarious advertising the so be it. I am more educated now after this thread than I was before.

#1479985 - 07/25/07 12:48 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: TIM CLINE]
an_average_joe Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/11/03
Posts: 1467
Loc: Ennis, TX, USA
in a quick search of the web cheapest DO meter I have found is $500 - highest was $1600 - Lane please let us know if there are any good ones cheaper than this if you know of any.


#1480027 - 07/25/07 01:00 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: TIM CLINE]
Lane Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/18/06
Posts: 766
Loc: Seguin,TX

ALL of our products contain dechlorinators, that includes
Catch And Release, Please Release Me, and our all of our
bait formulas. We recently reformulated the Catch And Release,
so it contains a very concentrated amount of ammonia remover
in addition to the dechlorinator. Go to the press release section
at for more infomation on the new formulation.

3% hydrogen peroxide will QUICKLY elevate dissolved oxygen levels! These levels can be maintained for up to 10 hours with
temperature control. The safe dosage rate is 3oz of 3% hydrogen
peroxide per 10 gallons of water. I recommend getting a CHEAP
plastic measuring cup at the store. Store it in the boat!
If you don't know the water capacity of your livewell here is
the formula for square or rectangular tanks: multiply width times
height (all in feet) times the constant 7.5. The result will be
in gallons. For round or oval bait tanks, multiply the depth of the water in feet times the radius squared (radius is 1/2 the
width across the top of the tank) times 3.14, then multiply this
number by 7.5. The result will be in gallons. It is VERY IMPORTANT to know the capacity of your livewell or bait tank!
The dosage rate that we recommend is very safe, but if you double
that amount you run the risk of damaging or burning the gills of
the fish since peroxide is a STRONG OXIDIZER! More is NOT BETTER!

Ambient relates to air, as where water temps are measured at various depths,etc. If the surface water temps are 86F, there will be a pretty significant drop in temps at depths of 10ft, 20ft and so on. During the summer months we recommend livewell
temps between 68F and 76F depending on what depth the fish were
caught at. Never exceed 76F because of increased BOD and pathogens. Cooler water temps lower the metabolism and respiration of the fish, thus they consume less oxygen. A good
formula is to record surface water temps BEFORE sunrise and lower
livewell temps NO LOWER THAN 10F based on the pre dawn surface
temps. Even if surface temps are around 90F during the heat of the day, they will be several degrees lower before sunrise.
So if the pre dawn water temps are 85F then keep your livewell
at approximately 75F. Chances are the pre dawn temps are lower
than 85F. Generally this time of year in Texas you can safely
keep livewell temps around 70F to 75F without undue stress to the
fish. In the wild bass will travel to different temerature depths
to feed,etc, but in captivity they must rely upon the angler to
regulate their temperatures for them.

Sodium Chloride is a ESSENTIAL electrolyte, especially during
hard fights and summer months. On several occasions I have recommended that anglers use non iodized salt in addition to our
livewell formulas. It is that important! Bass will go into
osmoregulatory shock if the sodium (salt) levels in their bloodstream drop and is not replaced. Hope this info helps!

#1480033 - 07/25/07 01:02 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
SnakeEyes Online   content
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 02/13/04
Posts: 4498
Loc: Rowlett
guys just a thought

not that the products WONT work but if Tim uses them and the oxygenator fails did he void his warranty and will C&R back him up if it comes to that ????

“Harassment of a law-abiding fisherman is a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment,” ~Boyd Kennedy TPWD legal counsel

#1480043 - 07/25/07 01:04 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
Lane Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/18/06
Posts: 766
Loc: Seguin,TX
In defense of ALL anglers, it is NOT THEIR FAULT that companies
are not forthcoming with correct information about their products. Most anglers want to do the right thing, but don't know
any better. They trust that companies are TELLING THEM THE TRUTH!
For years there was integrity and quality in this industry, but
now people will say anything (even if it is not the truth) to
make a buck!

#1480092 - 07/25/07 01:25 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
senko9S Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 10/15/03
Posts: 22928
Loc: Bedford, TX
tim, wasnt trying to "take a shot" at you at all. sorry if it came across that way. i was just stating an opinion on how i find alot of the marketing in this industry comical. btw, he is a she. really, i apologize if i offended you. i respect you and your accomplishments fish
David Short

#1480109 - 07/25/07 01:35 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: senko9S]
buda13 Offline

Registered: 07/02/04
Posts: 18600
Loc: NRH, TX
Lane, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome information you post on here. I now know how many gallons my livewell is, and I will be putting the 3% peroxide and measuring cup in the boat prior to my August Fork tournament, did I forget to mention the Sure-Life? That will be in the boat also! So far I only know of one instance that fish have died in my livewell, it was the previous owner of the boat and the surface temps on the lake went up over 15 degrees from take off to weigh in. Other than that the Skeeter livewells (knock on wood) have been awesome. What do you suggest for sanitizing the livewell system??

#1480122 - 07/25/07 01:38 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
John175® Online   happy
Super Freak

Registered: 10/21/05
Posts: 69277
Loc: Realville
Originally Posted By: Lane
During the summer months we recommend livewell
temps between 68F and 76F depending on what depth the fish were
caught at. Never exceed 76F because of increased BOD and pathogens.
Hmmm....I might just run a temp probe from my console unit to the livewell. 99% of the time I use the temp probe on the trolling motor unit. noidea
I try to be more sensible in my older age.

#1480142 - 07/25/07 01:45 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: fishingwidow1979]
J.P. Greeson Offline
the janitor

Registered: 10/23/00
Posts: 17970
Loc: Scroggins, TX


That's Lane on the left. Not a he. Be careful if you ever go out with them at ICAST in Vegas. I'm still recovering from the Sake.
“The solution to any problem - work, love, money, whatever - is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.” –John Gierach

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#1480147 - 07/25/07 01:47 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: Lane]
Lane Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/18/06
Posts: 766
Loc: Seguin,TX
an_average-Joe, Aquatic-Eco Systems has good quality DO meters
for around $228 to $233. The EcoSense DO200 by YSI also has an
optional BOD probe. Our YSI meter ran around $800, and is the
YSI 550A model. The website for Aquatic-Eco is,

I know of a few anglers that have bought DO meters off of e-bay.

Tim,I don't think that Senko9S meant his post to be a slam to you, just a general statement based on frustration with the
industry. I can personally vouch to the members on this forum that you are VERY concerned and serious about taking care of
your fish! These threads are about exchanging information and
expertise. If the company that manufactures the, "Oxygenator"
would post a warning label so that anglers are FULLY aware of
what can and can't be used with their product and why, I would
not have a problem with them. I do however think that their product needs to under go more scientific testing.

Snakeyes, We have been in business for 17 years, and my husband
developed the very first livewell formula with Doug Hannon over
25 years ago. We stand by our claims and our products, If the
"Oxygenator" fails it is not due to our products. Products that
my husband developed for Jungle Labs 25 years ago are still sold
at PetSmart, Petco and Wal Mart TO THIS VERY DAY. He is a genius
at chemical formulations, and private labels for others as well
due to his master of chemistry and formulations! I am just a
lowly biologist!

#1480164 - 07/25/07 01:53 PM Re: Keep Fish Alive [Re: J.P. Greeson]
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/12/03
Posts: 5546
Loc: Texoma
Lane, I am sorry. You most certainly are a lady. The only lanes I have ever known have been guys. Again I am sorry. That had to be funny to the people that new you were a lady and here I go with he and his one after the other. Again I am sorry.

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