2017 Shimano Chronarch C14+ 150HG

Gear ratio: 7.6:1

This reel was used for one season. Working condition is perfect. I sent this reel to Shimano before listing it, where it underwent a special cleaning and all parts were checked for wear. Any parts exhibiting wear were replaced with new parts, such as bearings, pinion gears, etc. The way Shimano explained it to me is, the reel is restored to function like a factory new reel. There are a few scuffs on the exterior frame, but nothing more than would be expected after a year of fishing. I have included close up photos for you to evaluate its condition.

Retail Price: $269.99
Your Price: $160

Contact me at dfwguns@yahoo.com . I am located in Fort Worth. Local pickup is available. All sales are for cash only. All sales are first come first serve.
If you would like me to end the listing immediately and hold the reel for you, funds can be sent via PayPal to dfwguns@yahoo.com . Upon receipt of funds, I will end the listing and hold the reel for you in Fort Wort.

1. Contact me by email at dfwguns@yahoo.com . If you PM me, you may not get an immediate response. For faster service, please email me directly at dfwguns@yahoo.com
2. Make $160 payment via PayPal to dfwguns@yahoo.com . Please select the "send money to friends and family" option. If you select "pay for goods", I will be charged a commission.
3. Provide me with your shipping address. Items will ship FedEx Ground or USPS. Shipping is free inside Texas and shipping time is usually 1-2 days depending on your location. If you live outside Texas I may require $5-$10 for shipping depending on your location.

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