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LGC-3000 & NMEA 2000 Compliant Units

Model:#1852060 Universal Sonar 2 delivers advanced water temperature sensing and Dual - Beam Plus technology for the best view of the waters below. These adapters connect your trolling motor to your favorite brand of sonar or fishfinder (200 k - Hz and 200/83 k - Hz Dual - Beam Plus compatible). Shielded, IP68-rated waterproof connectors are metal tipped to prevent sonar interference. - Lowrance Hds-5, Hds-7, Hds-8, Hds-10, Lcx-20C, Lcx-17M, Lcx-25C, Lcx-26C, Lcx-27C, Lcx-28C,lcx-37C, Lcx-38C, Lcx-110C, Lcx-111C, Lcx-112C, Lcx-113C, Lms-330C, Lms-332C, Lms-334C,lms-335C DF, Lms-337, Lms-339C, Lms-489, Lms-480 DF, Lms-520C, Lms-522C, Lms-525C,lms-527C, X-52, X-59 DF, X-100C, X-102C, X-105C DF, X-107C DF, X-125, X-126 DF, X-135,x-136 DF, X-510C, X-515C
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