I am pleased to announce that Kayak Fishing Military Veterans (KFMV) is hosting an online fishing tournament benefiting the Fisher House Foundation. The Fisher House Foundation is one of the top rated charities out there with 92 cents of every dollar going directly to their cause.

The Fisher House Foundation provides free travel and lodging for the families of Service Members and Veterans to keep them close to their Hero while undergoing medical treatment, enabling them to focus on the important things instead of stressing about the costs of hotels and flights.

- $40 to Enter
- 36 days to fish - May 25th thru June 29th
- Kayak & Bank fishing
- Catch/Photo/Release Tournament (Goes by Length)
- 40+ species both Fresh & Salt Water
- Top Ten fish scored - Weighted Points Per Inch System (see iAngler page for details)
- Cash Payouts for the Winner's Circle
- Post Tournament Raffles
- Bonus Points for Extra Donations (goes directly to FHF in full)
- Benefiting the Fisher House Foundation

Check out the Fishing for Families iAngler Page or the Fishing for Families Facebook Page for more information.

This is a top notch charity so we are hoping to get as many bank and kayak anglers involved as possible. Reach out to me (RJ Hillman) on Facebook if you have any questions or concerns. This is the first online tournament of it's kind so we are excited to say the least. A lot of hard work went into the PPI scoring system and determining the species.
Kayak Fishing Military Veterans