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#12709405 - 04/09/18 12:18 PM For you braid guys
JavelinJ Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/07/08
Posts: 10324
Loc: Jack County
Are you using braid all the way to the bait or a leader of some sort?

If a leader, why braid at all? Also, how do you tie the two together?

#12709427 - 04/09/18 12:29 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
LaRon Offline

Registered: 05/01/14
Posts: 76
Loc: Newellton, Louisiana
Use straight braid on my frog rod and flipping rod. Use braid to a swivel with a 12 fluoracarbon leader on my flukes and senko rod. Can really get a long hookset. Use braid to fluora leader ,about 6', on my dropshot. Connected with a uni knot

#12709452 - 04/09/18 12:41 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
FlatBack4 Offline

Registered: 10/29/16
Posts: 206
Loc: Fairview, TX
I use braid end to end. I'm one of those that don't give fish a whole lot of credit for being smart enough to know the difference.

#12709454 - 04/09/18 12:42 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Donald Harper Online   happy
TFF Guru

Registered: 01/25/08
Posts: 14937
Loc: Justin, TX.
Straight braid in deep water heavy cover. Especially long lining a Crig while dragging a contour.

Braid in deep open water with a Flor. leader on Crig.

Straight braid for pitching and flipping heavy cover if the wind is not blowing. If it is windy I move to 25# Floro..

Palomar knot to the swivels. I never use braid tied directly to Floro. What few baits that the technique fits is not in my lineup of go-to-baits. I just do not use light line techniques or a drag system while fishing. Not going to chance a big fish break off and all fish are coming to the net on the slide.
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#12709455 - 04/09/18 12:43 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
bigbass94 Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 05/27/12
Posts: 4449
Loc: San Antonio, Texas
The only times I use straight braid are when I'm punching grass, throwing a topwater, the cover is way too thick, or using a spinning reel. Otherwise I tie a leader. Whether or not I tie a leader depends on water clarity and thickness of cover.

I either tie the Surgeon's Knot or the Slim Beauty.

Edited by bigbass94 (04/09/18 12:44 PM)
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#12709460 - 04/09/18 12:48 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Captain Kirk Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 01/31/17
Posts: 8
Loc: Dripping Springs, Tx
Braid + Fluoro leader.
I use braid + leader because it's easier to manage for me. I backlash a lot with all fluoro unless spending big$ on premium line, plus there is greater sensitivity with braid.
To overcome the problem of braid digging in on itself, I use 50 lb. Anything lighter has too small of diameter and it digs a lot.
The braid>>fluoro knot I use is the Alberto Knot .
You can only use this knot on rods with semi-micro or regular sized guides. The FG knot is thinner but I have difficulty tying it, especially out on the water.
4 other advantages are:
1. Braid lasts a lot longer. No worries about oxidation, sunlight, kinks, etc.
2. You minimize the expense of fluoro bc you're only using ~3-4 feet at a time for leader.
3. You can use a high visibility color and still get bit.
4. You can use a stronger fluoro leader than you otherwise would have had as your main line had you chosen to go 100% fluoro which means fewer break-offs.

The downside are wind knots. I get those occassionally, but have learned to manage with them pretty well.

#12709498 - 04/09/18 01:10 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Dubee Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 07/17/11
Posts: 1750
Loc: Godley Tx
Straight braid for me

#12709501 - 04/09/18 01:13 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
collincountytx Online   content
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/08/08
Posts: 16437
Loc: Dallas, TX
Fish mostly from a kayak where you have very little leverage--you and your kayak move toward the fish when you set the hook.

1--has no stretch, thus I can get a better hookset in a low leverage situation.
2--very sensitive--can detect bites easily
3--visible--easier to line watch for me than fluoro
4--I like to save money--braid lasts foreever
5--I like to save time--fluoro requires lots of baby sitting from line conditioner to pre fishing stretching to constant retying.

There are many more advantages, but these are the first five that came to mind.

I usually use a leader except when frog fishing or punching

Improved (crazy alberto) for line to line knot

The Longhorns are back

#12709519 - 04/09/18 01:21 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Jeff From Iowa Offline

Registered: 01/07/18
Posts: 382
Ive been going back and forth with this myself.

I like braid, I have fished with straight braid and texas rig lizards, finess worms, zoom trick worms etc. While my partner on back was fishing the same on floro and weve caught the same numbers of fish 3-4 days in a row... This most recent time was on lake falcon which had water more clear than I ever see in my home lakes.

That said whenever its really slow or I havent fished in a while I end up with a leader again because I "think its needed" or read about it or watched videos.

Braid has cost me some fish around wood, it really digs in if they get you around a branch, where floro you can slip them around it often...

Braid also catches more wind which annoys me but I think now that even if braid has a big sag in it from the wind it still is more sensitive than floro so that part is a wash and just a visual annoyance.

I like landing fish on braid much better I turn em towards the boat and keep going I let my rod do the flexing. With floro or mono they definitely get to change direction a lot more because of the stretch and every direction change is a chance and losing them. I lose more for sure on floro and mono.

I only use mono for my buzz baits.
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#12709525 - 04/09/18 01:24 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Hog Jaw Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/09/08
Posts: 2645
Loc: The Great State of Texas
Straight Braid when flipping or Pitching
Braid w / leader for dropshot

#12709570 - 04/09/18 01:52 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Big Kahuna Fishing Online   content

Registered: 05/21/17
Posts: 427
Loc: Mcgregor, Texas
I will use braid as much as I possibly can. Since I found Power Pro Slick, I have been able to use 20 and 30 lbs braid without much problem.

Only times I will use Flourocarbon is on a leader for drop shotting or shaky head.
I have been experimenting with Cabellas 8 lb Flourocarbon on a spinning reel, and so far not getting any of the dreaded line twists. Fishing the Ned rig.
Living the American Dream in central Texas !

#12709580 - 04/09/18 01:58 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
JavelinJ Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/07/08
Posts: 10324
Loc: Jack County
Thanks everyone! I'll give braid a try. All I have ever used is mono.

#12709600 - 04/09/18 02:17 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
1bassdaddy Offline

Registered: 10/13/17
Posts: 123
I seriously doubt you'll ever go back to mono except for maybe a leader on your braid.

#12709602 - 04/09/18 02:18 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Barn Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 05/17/02
Posts: 2313
Loc: McKinney, TX
Keep at eye on the diameter of the braid. For example, 50# braid is similar to 12-14# mono. If you try to put 20# on a baitcaster your going to get more backlashes and use more line spooling up. 30# is about as small as I go on a baitcaster.

Same for tying leaders onto braid. The closer the diameters the easier it is to tie and better it holds.

Mono is still a good option for treble hook baits.

#12709606 - 04/09/18 02:21 PM Re: For you braid guys [Re: JavelinJ]
Jaret Latta Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 01/06/07
Posts: 8194
Loc: Austin, Tx/Nacogdoches, Tx
Straight braid on traps, topwaters, flipping. Where I fish, mostly east Texas, leaders are pointless.

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