Giveaway for 4/18/18 is,

Polefin Leader 165 lb Aqua - the one that this human fishing machine used for 100 lb GT in Komodo Island

Lionel of Kennebunk, ME won Excellent Reel Grease (Felt Type) $11.99 at 4/4/18 draw. Congratulations!

Every Wednesday, Hitena is giving away a fishing tackle to one of our facebook followers. Just like our facebook page, then you are automatically entered for a chance. We also pay shipping and tackles can be shipped to 50 States in US only.

* Note : Anybody winning the prize can ask us to change strength or sizes within the same value and we’ll do our best to do that but it’s always within the availability in prize pool. Stocks already allocated for normal sale cannot be assigned for prize thus in-stock at our homepage inventory doesn’t mean it’s available for prize.

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