As a parent, I learned catching my kids doing something right got much greater results than catching them doing something wrong. Dealing with what they did wrong was necessary but catching them doing something right actually improved their behavior more. I think it’s a law that is woven into the universe much like gravity. Positive reinforcement gets much better results than criticism when it comes to humans. It’s true of kid’s, employee’s, bosses and even spouses.

The law doesn’t change when it comes to fishing. Here at Bay Flats Lodge we have some guides that really want novice fisherman on their boats so they can teach them how to improve. These guides know complimenting these inexperienced anglers when they get something, anything right makes it much easier to correct them when necessary and it actually improves the odds of the guide being heard and listened too.

So, whether you’re a finely tuned fishing machine just looking for a guide to put you on fish or a total novice who’s never picked up a fishing rod we have the guide for you. And I promise you’ll get a lot more positives no matter who you are.

Randy Brown
Manager Bay Flats Lodge


I always enjoy fishing with Capt. Harold Dworaczyk - he is a great fisherman and guide!  I just wish he had more funny stories like he had in years past!  -  Sam B.  3/26/18
Mar 26, 2018
by Richard K. on BAY FLATS LODGE
The lodging staff was very polite and considerate, and our guide, Capt. Nick Dahlman, gave us the best guided fishing trip I've ever been on!  The food was outstanding, and your facility was very clean and well-presented.  I had a wonderful weekend, and would not change anything!  Thank you!  -  Richard K.  3/26/18
Mar 26, 2018
by James R. on BAY FLATS LODGE
Patsy and Judy were amazing!  Capt. Perry Rankin was a friendly and knowledgeable guide!  -  James R.  3/26/18
Mar 26, 2018
We had two guides due to an engine malfunction the first day, but being that we were on the return to the marina it did not affect the fishing experience.  The other guides rallied around and got us in without delay.  Very impressive!  I can't imagine your facility or your services needing any improvement.  It is a great fishing experience in a beautiful setting on the Texas coast!  -  Gary H.  3/26/18
Mar 25, 2018
I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing Bay Flats for customer outings and personal use over the last 8 years.  I have to tell you, it only gets better with every trip!  From the guides, all the way down to the earplugs on the dresser, y’all make every detail count!  We have tested your abilities time and time again, and you never fail to impress us each and every time!  I’d like to give a shout out to Capt. 'Lil John Wyatt and to Capt. Cooper Hartmann - y’all take it to the next level when it comes to dedication, person ability, and flexibility!  I have never seen two guys work so hard to put fish in the box, and to adapt to each and to every customer we put on their boats!  Thanks for helping make this last trip top-notch!  -  Jeff M.  3/25/18
Mar 25, 2018
The staff was so friendly and awesome, and the food was off the charts!  The accommodations were top-notch and very comfortable.  Thank you for the great experience!  I will definitely be back!  -  Kyle W.  3/25/18
Mar 25, 2018
by Riley S. on BAY FLATS LODGE
Our group continually talked about how generous and gracious your staff is.  They are all very happy.  We felt very welcome and most comfortable.  Beds were so comfortable, it was difficult to leave the room to go fishing.  We only fished one day, but it was a great experience, and our guests were blown away!  -  Riley S.  3/25/18
Mar 25, 2018
by James M. on BAY FLATS LODGE
All of the staff was great - really went above and beyond.  Capt. Kevin Matula was the best!  He was relaxed, funny and a great teacher.  I’m not much of a fisherman, but he really showed me everything I needed in order to have a good time!  -  James M.  -  3/25/18
Mar 25, 2018
Extremely attentive staff!  Couldn’t be happier with our guide, Capt. Todd Jones - we would not use any other captain.  Keep up the good work!  -  Luke B.  3/25/18

Edited by Capt. Chris Martin (03/26/18 06:20 PM)