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Agreed that feel goes a very long way.

I have 3 or 4 Shimano Ci4+ spinning reels and they are made from that super light carbon material, so light, so water tight. I actually love the feel of those over metal spinning reels.

It could be an acquired taste!

My neighbor has a Concept A and I have always been super impressed by how reliable and what a good caster it is. I can see why guys want to revert to one of those.

I mentioned elsewhere that the loud orange/red paint was likely a marketing ploy. If you have one at a boat ramp, everyone is going to ask you how you like it. It is so identifiable.

This has been one of the more touted reels lately. Those guys did a great job. Now, will it live up to all of the hype? Time will tell.


Time will tell indeed, but so far, it's getting lots of negative reviews. Who knows though? It might turn out to be a super reliable/bulletproof reel. But until that's proven, I'm going to take mine back and get a reel that has already been proven....

And I agree with you about color.. But in all honesty, how can we blame them? If I was trying to make a living off of fishing reels I'd make mine appealing too! I don't care too much for the orange.. However, the blue TX reel and the Concept C looks sweet! Although the color of the TX is my favorite color, I will say that the Concept TX is a tried and true reel. There's something about it that makes it feel like it preforms better than the C models. The TX is a very very popular reel down here on the coast because they have been proven reliable and saltwater worthy. If you ask me, 13 Fishing is stupid for not making them anymore

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