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#4166293 - 11/18/09 07:23 PM Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers
Casey Allison Offline
Sissy Boy

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 10031
Loc: Fate, Tx
Welcome to another “Around The Forum”…well…”Day On The Water”…well maybe it was a “Tips and Tricks”?

Heck I don’t know what to call it, all I know is JC Gwynne the “Amistad Man” gave me so much Great Video it was hard to pick just one, So I’ll call this one a HUGE Post with Tons of Great Video’s and Pictures. smile

On Thursday November 11th, My self and Three other TFF’ers Bryan,Vince and Mark ( Mark is last since he has UT ties  ) headed to Lake Amistad to fish and follow one of if not the BEST Amistad Bass Guide, JC Gwynne.

The trip plan was to Fish Thursday afternoon just us four and then Bryan and I would fish with JC on Friday with Vince and Mark following and fishing in Vince’s boat. Saturday Bryan would fish with JC by himself in the Anglers Lodge Bass Club, not sure about the correct name though.

Anytime you book a Guide trip with out knowing or meeting a Guide it’s always a little nerve racking thinking about how is he’s going to be with his boat, will he be cool with us, will he be a good teacher…Ect…Ect.

I had only talked to JC on the phone leading up to the trip, but had done my home work and had nothing but good things reported to me, I even had a couple Elite Series Guys, one being Chad Griffin tell me we would have a blast with JC and wouldn’t regret it and his knowledge of Amistad was almost un matched.

We get down to Amistad about 2pm Thursday and we 4 take Vince’s boat out and stick a few fish, one being the weekend Big Bass (5.3) by Mark, and a few really nice Jig Fish. Bryan Would catch the first bass of the day and that would prove to be his trend for the weekend, after all the fishing was done, Bryan would set more first and Personal records than you can Dream For.

Now, lets skip to Friday Morning, I’m walking up to the Tackle shop at Anglers Lodge and I see a man talking to some anglers in front of the shop. At first I was going to ask Larry The Cable Guy for his Auto Graph, as I was almost 100% sure that’s who it was, then I noticed a hand full of lures and a noticed he was talking about the fishing. That’s when I realized it was JC.

Instantly he greeted us, and made us feel as we were old friends, I see why people say JC never meets a stranger. He walked us through what the day should hold and what to expect. We load up in the 2 trucks and boats and head to a Ramp about 20 minutes away and start What would become a Trip That Me, Bryan,Vince, and Mark will never forget.

I had over 6.5 hours of Video’s to go through and 100 Pictures, sorry it took so long to get up but when you have that much AWESOME footage you have to really pick it over.

JC and Bryan,,here is yall's Intro Video.......

So what are we waiting for lets get started with 1 of the 29 video’s I have for you.

Here we are on the way down to Amistad, watch the end as we are all acting like little kids when we see the lake.

This was the night before we meet JC and Mark sticks his 5.3 at the end of the video.

We meet JC and he talks about the day.

We get to the first spot and JC talks about what we are going to do, and tells Mark and Vince about a good spot across the way. Watch JC's first cast and watch him retie the Jerk bait at the end.

Here they are catching more Jerk Bait fish....WATCH THE 5:00 mark as JC will get a lesson from the Big Man up stairs..I still Laugh. Bryan also catches his First Ever Jerk Bait Fish.

Bryan catches his First Ever C-Rig fish and JC talks about the New Tornado Color...I also loose a good fish frown

More of Bryan catching fish

LOL..JC sticks fish..Fish gets hung up...Bryan Sticks fish...Jc's fish comes out to see Bryans Fish...Double Fish Land... Great Video

JC Talks about Amistad Water Clearity, and bed fishing

JC Catches nice Chunk

This is a video of us leaving the first spot heading to the Mexico side of Amistad, look at the Cannon we are in.

Moving into Mexico

Just a Goofy Video, I had to add

A video for the nature lovers, sorry for being shaky but that Bird was a WAYS away.

This video will show you how clear the water is....check this out.

JC talking about water Clearity

Another run in the Cannon.

JC Talks about Keys to changing baits...

This was Friday Night, after being out with JC...Watch the end it will crack you up watching Mark and Vince go at it.

Mark and Vince, want some camera time also and stick a couple fish.

Saturday morning, the day Bryan will fish his First Ever Tournament in the boat with JC.

Now here are some video's or Me, Mark and Vince having some fun fishing and man if these don't hurt your sides from laughing nothing will..

I want to thank Vince for taking the Camera and shooting me with on of my fish, had a lot of fun and wanted to get this one on video.

Awww, Mark caught a cute fish...I think first of the day but who's counting smile also watch the end when he sticks a real trunk of a fish.

Weigh In at the Bass Club Tournament that JC and Bryan fished.


Here we go Bryan First ever Weigh-In and look what he Brings out.....Good enough for 2nd overall and second Big Bass

JC and Bryan give us a Tournament Recap.

I want to really thank JC and the Time he donated to us for these video's. Here is JC thanking his sponsors...please take a minute and watch these, to say thanks to JC. Heck watch the DEER in the video smile


#4166370 - 11/18/09 07:47 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: Casey Allison]
Donald Harper Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 01/25/08
Posts: 15010
Loc: Justin, TX.
Good job. Glad you guys had lots of fun. Amistad is my kind of place!
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#4166456 - 11/18/09 08:24 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: Donald Harper]
GMC Offline

Registered: 02/05/09
Posts: 426
Loc: San Angelo, Texas
looks like you guys had fun - JC is good people
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#4166546 - 11/18/09 08:50 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: GMC]
mev002 Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/03/09
Posts: 2024
Loc: Midland, TX
man, it's going to take me all day to watch all these videos, so far so good man!

Edited by mev002 (11/18/09 08:50 PM)

#4166717 - 11/18/09 09:34 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: GMC]
BThomas Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 02/15/09
Posts: 8024
Loc: Rockwall,Tx
Good Job Casey, Congrats to Bryan on all the first's...

#4166822 - 11/18/09 10:19 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: BThomas]
Pro Angler

Registered: 03/07/09
Posts: 936
Loc: San Angelo, TX
Good job guys. Heading down there Friday.

#4166828 - 11/18/09 10:20 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: BThomas]
TexasTech Offline

Registered: 08/23/08
Posts: 153
Loc: San Antonio, TX
Just finished watching all the footage. Took me half the night! Gread job man, I really enjoyed it. Lots of good information. Glad you guys enjoyed the Big Blue, its a great place.

#4166978 - 11/18/09 11:11 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: BThomas]
Chris Vickers Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 01/15/08
Posts: 1094
Loc: Paris, TX
Great Job Casey, i spent my eveing watchin the videos. I had the opportunity to go to Amistad for the State BASS tourney back in March and it really brought back some great memories. thanks

#4167181 - 11/19/09 04:29 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: Chris Vickers]
rofd-ff-engineer Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 06/17/09
Posts: 551
Loc: River Oaks/Quitman TX
We had a great time down there. Vince and Mark were the subject of much laughter, and Casey was just as funny with his middle of night, early morning candy addiction.

Amistad is a great fishery, and I plan on going back down there come springtime/spawn. JC sold me hook line and sinker on the lake. As of this moment, I'll be going down with an empty backseat on the boat. I'm sure that spot can be filled easy enough. It would be great to see a big group of TFF members all head down at the same time come spawn season and just fill up Anglers Lodge. I know they'll be glad to see us, and anyone that goes with JC will see he is just as glad to have us down there.

Us 4 had a great time together, and if next time we get more I'm sure we'll have even more fun. One condition, we do NOT go to the Mr. Gatti's in Del Rio! smile

#4167239 - 11/19/09 06:20 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: rofd-ff-engineer]
Revoman Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/11/08
Posts: 2334
Loc: Abilene,Tx
Great videos,,,, making me want to head south.


Catch em, kiss em, let em go

#4167393 - 11/19/09 07:49 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: Revoman]
awares Offline

Registered: 02/13/08
Posts: 116
Loc: Texas
Does all guides always fish? It seems if you pay all that money to catch fish shouldn't the customer at least get the first cast?

#4167457 - 11/19/09 08:14 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: awares]
monster fish Offline

Registered: 02/12/08
Posts: 336
Loc: floresville
for some reason i cant see the videos mad hammer

#4167520 - 11/19/09 08:33 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: monster fish]
007. Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 09/19/03
Posts: 928
Loc: Plano, Texas

I don't care what the other two say, I believe you had 14 in the boat... thumb grin

#4167562 - 11/19/09 08:44 AM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: monster fish]
The Amistad Man Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 07/29/06
Posts: 778
Loc: Del Rio/Amistad
hi ya'll, well I had a blast with casey and the boys. I was so happy Brian was able to be successful with new things as well as breaking his personal best.
I was a little dissapointed when we did not get a huge fish on film, however you cant catch them everyday, but I hope this shows you can still have a great time on Amistad while hunting for the giants.

Awares, normally on a paying trip with clients, I will catch one or two to show the client that the fish are there and catchable, and then set my rod down and focus on the clients. Some clients choose to have me keep fishing as they learn visually and prefer to watch how I present the baits, I accomadate each client per there diffrent preferences

Well guys enjoy the videos, and if you have any questions about the lake please feel free to give me a call at your convenience.


Jc Gwynne

Cast Away Guide Service
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#4168632 - 11/19/09 01:57 PM Re: Lake Amistad with The Amistad Man...JC Gwynne.....and 3 TFF'ers [Re: The Amistad Man]
throwback Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 09/21/07
Posts: 7182
Loc: San Angelo
JC when are you going to get your own TV show!
We were down at the same time and had a blast as well!
Great videos!
At least my boat and truck are paid for, woo hoo!

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