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#12556618 - 12/30/17 05:56 AM Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC] 2018
Catfish Lynn Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/03/10
Posts: 1212
Loc: Bryan, Texas
Here is an early preview into January 2018, in case you plan to do some Early New Years' Catfishing. The full January should be posted New Years Eve, New Years Day, or the day after. I just shared this on another thread, but some might not see it, so here it is a bit modified.

Well, I managed to get the replacement 12' Alumacraft flat bottom boat on December 3rd, instead of Black Friday weekend, as I finally got the SS luggage rack transferred to the 1990 Geo Metro the day before. I ran into a slight problem & had to modify the way I was going to do it, only about 3 times. The luggage rack is sturdy & if it goes, the car goes with it. It (the boat, not the luggage rack) is for more research in the shallows at Running Branch on Lake Limestone, from RB out to the Near Corner of the RB Fork. It replaces my Dad's 1962 Sears Elgin 12' (I miss that old boat, as I last had a 15 HP Sea King/Chrysler on it- ran up to 25 MPH, I could even go up or downriver sideways; even if only paddling for its final years- very sturdy boat- deeper hull too) that was stolen while chain & padlocked August 1999 down the road 1.5 miles at the 2nd bridge on Navasota River. The Elgin was used in the early research of the Catfish Calendar from 1981 thru 1986 on 3 rivers- Brazos, Navasota, and Trinity [all off of TX 21].

Anyways, I have not been able to put the numbers on, due to too cold, and damp lately. Or, set up my front brace setup for running lines (needs to be warmer & drier for the clear silicone to set up properly). It will be made of overlaying treated 2 x 4s and will have the plastic cleats, plus absorb impact to banks & such, instead of direct hull. Then there is the Dip Net Tube shoot (to hold upo to 5 nets), which I have not figured out where (other than which side) it will be. And I plan to have a little scope (fish finder) as well. If you ever saw my setup with the 14 foot Mon Ark, everybody knows it by the PVC roof frame (a couple were reinforced with 1/2" rebar inside). I plan to at least do a front flip up frame with LED adjustable lights (can be used for cruising at night or flipped down to run & bait lines), but easily detached when time to exit.

So it looks like I will be stuck winterizing the place out here on Saturday, then working on the Hard Copy layout of the 2018 Catfish Calendar. But I will be looking forward to February/March as to getting back on the water & testing a few new things. And we'll see if "The Giant" is still roaming in the No Wake Zone near RB, or if perhaps somebody caught it.

Oh yeah, let's see, Saturday & Sunday (30th/31st) are BlueCat days (aka BC). And Monday/Tuesday (1st/2nd) are YC (YellowCat days), but the Blues still bite good on those YC days (but more plentiful on BC days). Also, 31st/1st/2nd (Sun/Mon/Tues) is a 3 day PYC run (My Personal YellowCat days according to the YC pattern I found). Then BC days come back in force (May the Catfish Force be with you, Always!), for a 4 day run Wed thru Sat to start off the New Year. But then turns to a 2 day dip in action, as to ZIP marked for Sun/Mon (7th/8th). Then perhaps some good ChannelCats (CC) action on BFT [Buffet days) running from 9th thru 11th (Tues thru Thurs). And in there, the 10th & 11th (Wed/Thurs) are also PYC days. There ya go, a preview of the front part of January for New Years.

And July 4th & Thanksgiving Holidays are looking good for 2018, if I recall. Hold on ... YEP!

Speaking of the Force, if you have not seen it yet, "The Last Jedi" (#8 of the 9 original Star Wars episodes of the Skywalker clan) is Great!!! Old Heroes, New Heroes, lots of tricks & ingenuity to get out of those moments when you think they can't get out of grim & hopeless situations. I hope to see it once more, then get the DVD when it comes out.

Have a Great Start to this New Year!!!
WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET, it is Your Life!!!
aka "Catfish"

#12573330 - 01/11/18 02:53 AM Re: Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC] 2018 [Re: Catfish Lynn]
Catfish Lynn Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/03/10
Posts: 1212
Loc: Bryan, Texas
Greetings for 2018!!!

I guess I best post this, as the Preview expired yesterday if I recall correctly. Nope, it runs out today. I just looked.

As much as we are having a couple of bitter cold Arctic Blasts, it probably is a good thing, as this past Spring here, we & others locally got hit with a Millipede Stampede. I'm talking not thousands, but probably millions of the little critters. They drive you nuts & they really have a smell if you step on them. They crawl the floors, walls, and ceilings. And get into almost everything. The deep freezes are good to knock them down. And hopefully keep them to a minimum this next Spring. We finally called the Texas A&M research (Agriculture division), to get their take & possible reason. We were given a special item (pesticide) name to look for. It seems the stuff runs about $50 for a dose of the concentrate, not your ordinary priced type. We almost bought some, but they were finally dwindling down. But if they flare up again this year, we know what will supposedly knock them down. Not sure, but I did not try any millipedes for bait. They definitely climbed & hung around Post Oaks, Live Oaks, and Pin Oaks trees.

And I am sure the trees really like the deep freeze, as they can finally get a vacation for the winter. All of this weather going back & forth probably drives them "nuts". And of course, this good cold bite, helps to knock out thermocline, for sure. And that of course helps out on Cold Weather months for Big BlueCat fishing, from late Octuber thru the end of February. Of which is Big Blue month for some, speaking of February. You'll be happy to know, that if you only are available for weekends between now (Jan. 11th) thru the end of February, there are a few to be found (Sat/Sun BC days). Look for them on this Saturday/Sunday in February: 10th/11th. Also on Sat Feb 3rd. For more BC runs for January, see below for the list.

Just in case you are just now tuning in, you can back up to a little of the background behind the Calendar and tips along the way shared in the yearly threads. I was blessed to have been taught by two YellowCat teachers, and learned from what they had been taught, as well as learned from their experience. However, I stumbled upon the Calendar by accident (or was it?). I tell everybody I didn't create it, I just discovered it. The pattern was already there, but due to circumstances it unfolded & then I had to wonder. Well, there is no wonder any more. Many are finding out that the Calendar works. As of the end of the 2017 yearly thread, it has averaged out to more than a 1000 hits per month. That should tell you something. I am amazed at the testimonies over the years & always thrilled to receive your feedback.

You know its (Catfish Calendar) results are impressive, when you not only hear feedback that it works from one person, but their whole family-- be it husbands & wives; husbands, wives & kids; multiple families of siblings; bass fishermen who also fish for YellowCats; groups; and more.

So, if you are new, or keeping track, here on the TFF are your links to the previous years, as well as this current year's thread:

Previously since about mid-2010 here on the TFF...
2010 <>
2011 <>
2012 <>
2013 <>
2014 <>
2015 <>
2016 <>
2017 <>

And this year's [2018] thread started with a preview into the first 1.5 weeks of January...
2018 <>

And of course, in side news, I am working on the next phase of research, outfitting my new AlumaCraft 12' flat bottom for Shallow water Calendar research of Lake Limestone's Running Branch fork, from RB Marina Store & Campground and all the way out to the bottom of the lake at the water pump station, but especially in the big 15 minute putt-putt drive of the No Wake Zone. We will see if "The Giant" is still around. In case you have missed it, I am estimating this big Op (spotted Yellow) at over 100 pounds. Its tail spans at least a foot. Its head fills a spotlight (speaking of shining your light on it). I have not seen it, but one of my early 2008 Calendar & YC students have. I myself had it on several times while running trotlines. It runs like a Tractor Pull, going slow, but in full control, as it even takes you & the boat for a ride, until it gets off.

And yes, I am working on the hard copy (printed) 2018 Catfish Calendar. The standard wire bound is the first to get rolling. Hopefully this year I will be able to get the other versions out as well. As soon as I have it at the printers, I'll give you a shout. As some people like to map out the whole year for their Catfishing.

OK, 'nuff said. Be safe, Wear those Life Jackets! They only work if you have them on.

Here ya go ...

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- JANUARY 2018
Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
XX / 1 YC | 2 YC | 3 BC | 4 BC | 5 BC | 6 BC
7 ZIP | 8 ZIP | 9 BFT | 10 BFT | 11 BFT | 12 ZIP | 13 ZIP
14 ZIP | 15 ZIP | 16 ZIP | 17 BC | 18 BC | 19 YC | 20 YC
21 YC | 22 ZIP | 23 ZIP | 24 BC | 25 BC | 26 ZIP | 27 ZIP
28 YC | 29 YC | 30 BC | 31 BC

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2018 Moon Phases---
1st- Full Moon
8th- Last Qtr
16th- New Moon
24th- 1st Qtr
31st- Full Moon

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2018 Lynn's PYC (Prime YellowCat) Days---
(31)/1/2 (Sun)/Mon/Tues
10/11 Wed/Thurs
19/20 Fri/Sat
28/29/30 Sun/Mon/Tues

EXTRA--- Targeted BC (BlueCat) days this month, by each week, are:
1st Week- 3/4/5/5/6 (Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat)
2nd Week- None
3rd Week- 17/18 (Wed/Thurs)
4th Week- 24/25 (Wed/Thurs)
5th Week- 30/31 (Tues/Wed)

***Always be sure to note that YC days (not PYC, as this only refers to the YellowCat underlying pattern) are also great for Blues. So when you have a clump of BC & YC days, press forward.

As to the KEY, it is the same as the 2017. But you never know, by press time of the "Hard Copy", I may add another Tip.

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- 2018 KEY:
YC = YellowCat // BC = BlueCat // BFT = Buffet (assorted) // ZIP = Zip (not very good)
Tip- Always bait out lines the night before a YC or BC day.
Tip- Gator Gars (GG) run ahead of YellowCats, so bait out late (between 11 PM to 1 AM).
Tip- BlueCats also bite good on YC days, but you can rack ‘em up on BC days.
Tip- Some variations or alterations are due to weather or other external influences.
Tip- For Rod-n-Reelers, use Solunar Tables (etc.) also for best times with my calendar.
Tip- Near Full Moon, Gator Gars & YellowCats seem to feed a few hours later.
Tip- Your biggest YellowCats may hit best towards beginning & end of YC or PYC days.
Tip- My PYC Days keys in on the YellowCat’s Feed/Roam Days Underlying Pattern.
Tip- Bleedover works both ways- Before & After a calendar day. Take advantage.

Have a Warm, But Good One!!
aka "Catfish"

#12606499 - 02/01/18 10:23 PM Re: Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC] 2018 [Re: Catfish Lynn]
Catfish Lynn Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/03/10
Posts: 1212
Loc: Bryan, Texas
Greetings for February 2018!!!

Sorry for not posting last night, but I fell asleep at the keyboard while putting February's together. I heard a sound with my headphones on. Even asleep, I realized it was Skype texts coming thru from my Wife Elena in Kiev. So I did not get back to finishing February to post it. Still working on the hard copy for 2018. I will let you know as soon as it's done.

I only had one good weekend so far, due to weather, to work on the new 12' Alumacraft flat bottom. I sure hope some rain finds its way to Lake Limestone area very soon, or I am going to have work a little extra, as current level is 4 1/4" low. That is the borderline to get out thru Running Branch in a small light boat. I guess I could rig up a few inner tubes to haul the gear out for setting out lines, in order to get the flat bottom thru the shallows (about a 50 yard stretch). Anyway, I'll figure something out.

In case your lake is in this regional category (includes Lake Limestone), here is a site that has some current lake levels-

Here ya go ...

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- FEBRUARY 2018
Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
XX / XX / XX / XX / 1 BFT | 2 BFT | 3 BC
4 ZIP | 5 BFT | 6 BFT | 7 BFT | 8 ZIP | 9 ZIP | 10 BC
11 BC | 12 BC | 13 BC | 14 BC | 15 BFT | 16 BFT | 17 BFT
18 ZIP | 19 ZIP | 20 BC | 21 BC | 22 ZIP | 23 ZIP | 24 YC
25 YC | 26 BC | 27 BC | 28 BC

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- February 2018 Moon Phases---
7th- Last Qtr
15th- New Moon
23rd- 1st Qtr

You just missed it. Two Full Moons in January, 2nd included the deluxe package deal- Partial Eclipse, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon. No Full Moon for February 2018.

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- February 2018 Lynn's PYC (Prime YellowCat) Days---
6/7 Tues/Wed
15/16 Thurs/Fri
24/25/26 Sat/Sun/Mon

EXTRA--- Targeted BC (BlueCat) days this month, by each week, are as follows:
1st Week- 3 (Sat)
2nd Week- 10 (Sat)
3rd Week- 11/12/13/14 (Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed)
4th Week- 20/21 (Tues/Wed)
5th Week- 26/27/28 (Mon/Tues/Wed)

***Always be sure to note that YC days (not PYC, as this only refers to the YellowCat underlying pattern) are also great for Blues. So when you have a clump of BC & YC days, press forward.

For the 2018 KEY, back up to the late January listing.

In March, the 2nd weekend (Sat/Sun) 10th/11th kicks off a 5 day BC run. It goes from Saturday 10th thru Wednesday 14th (Valentines Day). Hmm, just a thought, anybody ever tried chocolate for catfish bait?

Have a Good One!
And don't forget, wear the Lifejacket (it works best that way)!
aka "Catfish"


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