We've been working really hard this last quarter to start the new year with a bang. With the help of fellow anglers the MajorCraft rod testing has been superb! The reviews have been awesome and we are excited to be bringing these rods to the FUN N Sun show in January! Though are focus has been to bring MajorCraft to market here in Texas and surrounding areas we will be adding a High School Program and Pro-Staff positions as well! In the bait department we will be launching 3 new products for 2018! (I told you we've been busy).

First off is our Tungsten Swanger! We enjoy being first to deliver products that truly help the angler catch more fish and we believe this one will do that. The Tungsten Swanger is a tungsten weight that attaches to your hook shank and is free-swinging or swanging! This allows your bait to have some uncanny action and a horizontal fall that mimics dying baitfish. Fluke, Lizards and any other bait you wish to use will excel with this rig. It will be available in multiple sizes.

Next up is our DOUBLE CHOPPER SPINNER! Forged from northern lakes and brought to life for bass fishing this bait has a ton of action and vibration. We will have multiple shad patterns that will catch those fish when other spinnerbaits just won't or can't. Featuring a super sharp Owner XX Hook that will stick even the slappers who are afraid to commit. Due to our custom acumen skirt colors are infinite. Look out for this bait to load the boat in 2018!

Last but definitely not least is the LunkerTek Geek-O! our own homegrown design brought to life. From test samples this bait is already performing and making money. Standing at an amazing 4.5" long this bait is very versatile and has more action than a Lethal Weapon movie! Can be used in tons of techniques and uses zero salt so it floats for days. Each appendage was designed to kick off a certain action. Boot style swimtail legs in the rear and a fat grub tail call up the big girls. The ribbed body carries air in between adding to the buoyancy. Available in unlimited colors and dual laminates. RTC stamped on the tail to ward off the pirates. This bait should be a staple in your arsenal for 2018 and beyond!

We are ready for 2018! God bless and we'll see you soon!
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