Good Fishing this December is so dependant on these cold fronts.
Some days it just isn't safe to get on the lake when these big  Northers come roaring in!
I really like fishing the day before one of these big fronts hit.
The fish just seem to be energized and ready to feed.
The day after the front when the wind has died down and the clouds are gone away leaving you with a beautiful blue sky.
These days make for tougher fishing. 
It's all about the barometric pressure. 
The pressure drops before the front fish feel this and want to feed. 
The day or two after the front the pressure rises which means the fish just aren't going to be able to feed good because they can feel the weight of the atmosphere putting pressure on them.
So now after saying all that it reminds me of the old saying, 
A bad day of fishing is better than a good at work anytime! 
Maybe we don't catch as many on those paticualar tough days but we have a good time! 
It seems like to me I'm finding my better fish in the 24ft to 34ft of water and the smaller fish in the 12ft. to 15ft. Water.
I'm using my slab rig with the crappie jig tied about a foot above the slab to catch most my fish.

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