First of all I am a firm believer in owners manuals and keeping them. I bought the Champ in July from the original owner and asked about owners manuals he said it did not come with any. It may be that the dealer did not give them to him but I know the boat and motor at least had owners manuals. Over time the lettering has worn off the face of the switches and I have relabeled all but 2. Switches number 3 & 4 I have not been able to figure out what they power. Since the boat does not have a wash down pump I figure that is one but the other baffles me. The switches are wired and light up when pushed. I am thinking about adding a wash down pump. If anyone has a Champ Bay with a wash down pump I would appreciate if they could look at the plumbing. I am thinking it utilizes the same plumbing as the livewells which have a brass through hull fitting in bottom of boat and a tee. My thought is to just come off the tee with a third outlet.