​October 7, 2017 Redfish are ​October 7, 2017 Redfish are at the top of the food chain. just about everywhere I went, there were Redfish. The water was so clear, you could easily see 6 feet to the bottom. It was like fishing in an aquarium. I saw several schools of Black Drum and Sheepshead swim right by. I watched several lone 30" Redfish just cruise right by, almost under the boat. I did not move, they did not get alarmed. I watched a Sting Ray swim right along the bottom. When I say, it was like I was in an aquarium, I am not exaggerating. I got to Sabine Lake late in the morning and left early with my limit of Redfish. After I limited on Reds, I tried catching Speckled Trout. I did catch some Specks, but they were small. Winds were calm, water was super clear.