The Humminbird Dual/HD Side Imaging Transom Mount Transducer offers 20/60/180-degree, 200/83/455/800 kHz sonar capabilities for compatible models.

XHS 9 HDSI 180 T
Part # 710201-1


-Durable, Impact Release Mounting Bracket
-Rapid Response Temp Probe Built-In
-20 ft Cable

Compatible with: Helix SI units, 1197c SI Combo, 1198c SI Combo, 997c SI Combo, 998c SI, 898c SI, 797c2 SI Combo (800kHz not active), 798c SI Combo (800kHz not active), 798ci HD SI Combo (800kHz not active).

Item is used, approximately 6 months old, and in perfect working order.

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