September 23, 2017, first time fishing since Harvey. Water was pretty much as I expected. Fresh, brown water still coming down. Winds were calm, except for a couple of passing thunder storms. I did not see a lot of bait running around. I did see one big shrimp, and some smaller shrimp getting chased across the water. Got to the Sabine Pass Jetties kind of late. Caught a 28" Redfish and a lot of Gafftops. After messing with the Gafftops, we went to Sabine Lake. Started catching Redfish around 10:00 and did not stop catching them till around 3:00, when we left them still biting. Caught Reds on just about everything we threw in the water. There were not as many Gafftops and Hardheads in the lake, which was fine with me. Most of the Reds were in a foot or two of water, right next to the bank. Everywhere we stopped against the shoreline, we caught Redfish. One good size Stingray, so if you go wading, be extra careful. this last year or so, I have been catching quite a few Stingrays, especially in very shallow water. A couple of reports of some Flounder runs last week, but not so much this week. The Flounder's should start moving in pretty steady. The Redfish are no problem to catch, and there are plenty of all sizes. Really did not spend a lot of time looking for Speckled Trout because everyone was happy catching Redfish, maybe next weekend? for more pictures and videos, go to or Facebook Luckylindycharters