We are now offering Shimano Reels for sale. You can get them upgraded with ABEC7 bearings if you wish installed ready to go.

Here are some Chronarch reels that we have.

Chronarch MGL 150 $269.99
Chronarch MGL 150HG $269.99
Chronarch MGL 150XG $269.99
Chronarch MGL 151 $269.99
Chronarch MGL 151HG $269.99
Chronarch MGL 151XG $269.99

If you want to upgrade the bearings pricing per reel is;

Stainless Steel ABEC7 $10.00
Orange Seal Ceramic Hybrid ABEC7 $19.99

Free Shipping

They aren't on our website. PM me and we will send you a paypal invoice.

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