New 2017 Super Cat 23 ft long loaded with all the goodies ya need on 2017 tandem aluminum trailer. They have been building boats in South Texas since the 70s and the cat came out in 2007 Everything on the boat is new and has only been to the lake for prop test with current used power If u like it can go with the Merc 150 on it new Merc 150 4 strk or Pro XS 150 cost turn key is 39500.00 It has Atalas 10 in hyd JP with hole shot plate, Sea Star Steering, TurbO Swing for the days with the kids to play on the water or it removes with 2 pins and leave at home for the days of fishing. Wade ladder and all aluminum is powder coated. Elevated console with lots of storage under it and LEd lights inside. Fosgate BT Stereo with 4 Wetsound 6.5 in speakers JL Marine 650 wat amp. 8ft Power Pole Pro 2, Lowrance 9 in Ti, Nema 2000 Network, Bocatec Switches, Lowrance Link5, LED running lights and more the boat runs 40-45 mph with a 150 40 gal fuel floating draft is about 22 inches with motor down about 14 inches titled up runs across 10-12 inches. All accessories have manufacture warranty trailer has vault hubs 5 yr warranty