One of our best hobbies in the US – fishing! Whether you’re a beginner or an avid angler, Catfish are probably one of most common fish you’ll ever encounter, so to catch the big ones on your next fishing trip, check out this tasty article about the best catfish rigs of 2017!


The kind of catfish rig you’ll use can make or break you. If you’re aiming for the big yummy ones, then you will have to step up your game with a good rig! Younger smaller fish bite the mediocre while only the best catfish rig can trick the mature, gigantic ones!

What Most Catfish Rigs Use
Materials are accessible, check out your tackle and make sure you have these in them for your rigs:

1. Circle hooks
2. Sinkers/Weights
3. Bobbers/Floats
4. Fishing Pliers


Now that you’ve got everything settled, here are the top 3 best catfish rigs of 2017!

#1 Carolina/Slip Sinker

The Carolina rig is one of the most used rigs for catfish. Because of how easy it is to set up, and how effectively it reaches the bottom to entice that catfish! Guaranteed to catch all kinds of catfish!

#2 Three-way rig

A three-way rig is so called because it makes use of a three-way swivel to put a safe distance between the bait, the sinker, and the main line. Blue catfish and channel fish have been caught by this rig with little effort!

#3 Santee Cooper rig

Another favorite is the Santee Cooper rig! A little twist from a Carolina rig, a float is used in the leader line to make sure your bait looks as if it’s swimming naturally in the water near the bottom! The biggest and brightest of catfish are enticed by this rig!


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