Hey guys, I was curious if any of you have any experience with the Okuma Helios TCS reels? Are they any good for 160.00? That's about what I've seen them going for. I fish with shimano chronarchs (older ones up to the D series). I'm in the market to expand my rod and reel collection and I'm looking for quality reels that will hold up. My chronarchs have held up great which is why I'd like something of similar quality just without the hefty price tag.

If anyone has experience with the Okuma reel and Chronarchs please let me know your opinion. If anyone fishes chronarchs and have moved to a new reel of similar quality let me know so I have ideas of what to get.

Also if anyone has any advice on the Okuma TCS Scott Martin rods good or bad I'd love to hear about it as well. I fish older Kistler rods now so wondering if those rods will be of similar quality.


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