Want to trade or sell. Paid $237 and change for the Pflueger reel alone and it is a 7.1:1 gear ratio with a 10 bearing system. $180 cash face to face Lake Fork, Forney, Dallas area, or...

Would trade for ABU Garcia or Lews spinning reels and rods in great working order - equivalent value of around $200 Want medium heavy action rods 6 foot 8 inches or over. Would love a Duckett Ghost if you happen to have one. Reels needs to have the handles on the left. I reel lefty. Nothing older than 5 years old.

***The Pflueger is less than a year old. 8 ft. MHX rod included in the trade. If you are a little short, we can do a little cash on top on your end.

Thanks - John

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