Today was a carbon copy of Sunday, but we tried different areas still concentrating over grass beds with scattered sand pockets. Most of the fish we found were early as the sun was coming up, then a huge slow down from 10-12. Then about 1pm on about the 4th stop of the day, we walked into them again only this time they were solid fish 20-23". The bite was strange during the 2nd half of the day. There wasn't a distinct thump, but more like you were hung in grass. We quickly learned that once we experienced that hung up feel, we gave it a two to three second count before setting the hook. If we set it right away we lost the fish after a few cranks, but giving it a count we stayed buttoned up with a solid lip hook. I guess you learn just a little more each time you go. Today's colors were Spicy Pumpkinseed and Dirty Tequila. All big trout were released.