Hello Texas anglers and friends,
Continuing my Homemade Darter Project, here is the “How To Do” video Part 2. In my previous post I described the steps to prepare the balsa wooden slats until have them ready for carving and sanding process.

When I reviewed all the videos that I took of my work, I found that would be better to split all the videos and pics into three parts instead having only two long ones. In Part 2, I show and explain the carving and sanding process I followed. I also talk about the sanding jigs I made, looking for to do my work a little easier.
For this, I remembered those jigs that my Father made and used when I help him to build Balsa wooden houses for our Model Train.

I can tell you that preparing each wooden plug took me some time, and I don’t know how much. But I can tell you that I enjoy a lot doing this. Please consider that I am not an expert carving wood, so in case you have tips and hints for me I will appreciate.

Before to say goodbye, please let me know your comments. I want to know if you like or not the ideas, work process and evolution results. In addition, in case you have any recommendation to improve the Attila Veneno let me know, I will be very grateful.

Here is the link to “How to Do the Attila Veneno - Part 2”, I hope you like it

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