Taking a trip to Freeport in 2 weeks. I live near Waco close to the Brazos & fish on it quite a bit. I'm no salt water fisherman, & really don't have any desire to start, but since be there for 4 days as a beach bum, I thought maybe give a few hours a try near the mouth of the Brazos as you can drive on the beach, etc. Really no idea if even worth it as the fresh water hits the salt, or vice versa. I don't even know that much.

Is it worth a try to fish with weight & hook & worm, shrimp, livers - or should I go squid, or whatever else is used for salt water?

I'm talking about REALLY BEACH BUMMING, I'm not even looking to really do artificials bc I don't want to do all the reeling. Sitting in the shade with my family, listening to the waves, & if a fish bites, icing on the cake - that kind of thing.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!!