Lake Fork Anglers every other week Thursday daytime tournament for June 8 had really good weather for a change, probably because I am out with a bad knee. Again Whooper Ploppers and other poppers accounted for a lot of the bigger fish.,

Only the five largest count.


First Place Angler went to Galen Smith of Alba with a 6 fish bag of 13.82 lb anchored by a 3.7 lunker.
Second place went to Randy Steele of Sulphur Springs with 5 fish coming in at 13.5 with the 6.40 boater lunker.
Third place went to Don Overstreet of Sulphur Springs with 5 fish at 13.41 lb with a 4.87 lunker.
Fourth place went to Bill Fletcher Emory with a 4 fish bag at 9.35 with a 4.13 lunker
Fifth place went to Jim DeVore of Lake Fork with a 5 fish bag for 9.34 with a 5.08 lunker.


First place went to John Markos of Paris with a 6 fish bag of 17.3 lb with a 5.94 lunker.
Second place went to Wayne Smith of Quitman with a 5 fish bag for 14.33 with the 6.64 lunker.
Third place went to Jackie price of Alba with a 13.52 bag lb on 5 fish with a 3.95 lunker.
Fourth place went to Chuck Roy of Yantis with 8 fish for 13.3 with a 3.46 lunker.
Fifth place went to Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 8 bass for 12.76 with a 5.08 lunker.

Randy Steele, Don Overstreet, John Shinn, Mike McWhorter, Bill Fletcher, Mac McDaniel, John Markos, Wayne Smith, Ken Kielbas, and Craig Vance all had new club personal best today. Congrats to all.

121 fish were caught that were keepers including a lot of quality slots.

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Dues is $5 a year. Tournaments are $12 with an optional $5 lunker pot and an optional $10 big bag pot.
In 2016 the LFA fished 25 times, You have to fish at least 8 to maintain membership. And you have to fish 8 times to be eligible to fish our other two formats: Major league Fishing (known as Hard Core) and the team format known as Faze 4.
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