Richland Chambers Lake Tuesday June 6th
New customer Ian thought he would bring some customers fishing with me just to show them his appreciation and I really appreciate it!
Unfortunately, the fresh Norther blowing in had another idea for today's fish catching. The guy's hung with me as one good spot after another was coming up empty!
Finally, there they were and it was on big time!
Two fish at a time four fish a time six fish at a time and there it was 150 good fish with everyone really happy!
Thanks Ian I appreciate your business and looking forward to some more good days on the lake!
Regards Bob Holmes

FISHING IS FUN – If you have never fished before you can quickly learn to fish at any age. Fishing is not just about fish—during a fishing trip, families and friends relax together as they enjoy fishing in God’s great outdoors. I am always happy to guide new customers and will do my best to provide a trip that you will enjoy and yes, have fun. I will provide all the tackle and bait needed plus clean and bag your catch.
If you would like to take a group of friends or just your family fishing on Richland Chambers Lake, give me a call at 214-728-3310 and let’s schedule a trip and go catch some fish. I can accommodate any size family or group. You can visit my web site at for trip information and more pictures