Lake Fork Anglers every other week Thursday daytime tournament for May 25 was a pretty cool for about three quarters and very tough for the rest. Whooper Ploppers, spinner baits and other top waters accounted for a lot of fish. Oh yeah and the always faithful drop shot and 1.5 square bills.

We are pretty fed up with the 25-35 every Thursday.

Only the five largest count.


First Place Angler went to Galen Smith of Alba with a 6 fish bag of 22.23 lb anchored by a 4.68 lunker.
Second place went to Jack White of Yantis with 5 fish coming in at 19.08 with the 6.17 boater lunker.
Third place went to Bruce Allen of Emory with 8 fish at 11.74 lb with the 4.49 lunker.
Fourth place went to Ray Carter of Emory with a 4 fish bag at 11.36 with a 5.18 lunker
Fifth place went to Dennis Bubinas of Yantis with a 5 fish bag for 10.42 with a 5.08 lunker.


First place went to Chuck Roy of Yantis with a 5 fish bag of 14.02 lb with a 5.08 lunker.
Second place went to Charlie Arnold of Lake Fork with a 5 fish bag for 11.48 with a 4.87 lunker.
Third place went to Donald Cox of Garland with a 10.20 bag lb on 8 fish with a 4.68 lunker.
Fourth place went to Gene Shoemaker with 4 fish for 9.63 with a 5.71 lunker.
Fifth place went to Randy Fugate of Corsicana with 5 bass for 9.42 with a 3.62 lunker.
Cheryl Allen of Emory caught the co-angler lunker, a 6.4 on a Tx rigged worm and she came in 6th.

117 fish were caught that were keepers including a lot of quality slots.

For info on fishing with the LFA e-mail me at or PM me on here. We are looking for boaters right now but will take co-anglers who have boats and will fill in in that capacity..
Dues is $5 a year. Tournaments are $12 with an optional $5 lunker pot and an optional $10 big bag pot.
In 2016 the LFA fished 25 times, You have to fish at least 8 to maintain membership. And you have to fish 8 times to be eligible to fish our other two formats: Major league Fishing (known as Hard Core) and the team format known as Faze 4.
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