I'm glad I didn't try to play weather man and cancel my customers. We were lucky to have it roll through during the night, only delaying our start by 45 mins or so. I did have to do a little running to find trout green water, and as the storms got far enough offshore the wind switched to SE and the bite was on. Soon slicks started popping and bait was going frantic over shell/mud. That bite played out quicker than we thought, so we moved a 1/4 mile down the way and found where it was really happening. Jumping out of the boat with DSL pumpkinseed and strawberry wine tied on 1/8oz jigheads, about our 2nd cast in we were all hooked up. Landing trout for the next hour or so, we had a nice box of 17-19" trout. The redfish were tougher to find with the water being as high as it was, we could see them pushing in the back marsh, but in areas we'd rather not wade. It was a great day of trout action given the start to the morning. But, you never can tell what a storm will do to fish unless you go try! Check out our website for June and July availability, and set up your trip today.