Memorial Day thru Sept 5th Catch a Tagged Redfish and Win a Trk,Boat,and Trl. pkg. Five of these pkg.'s are on the line but you must be a STAR Member and entered in the tournament. Adults $50. Many other prizes and winning categories.
100 slot Redfish are harvested ea. year (20-28") for this event. About 2 weeks before the tourney begins, the 60 healthiest Reds out of the 100 will be tagged and turned loose in the Tx Gulf Coast Waters, from Port Arthur to Brownsville. The Texas Coast is broken down in 3 Regions..Upper Coast,Middle Coast, and Southern Region. In each region, 20 Reds are released in various areas. There are several STAR weigh stations along the entire coast. When you sign up you will get a pamphlet describing the Tournament...Adult and Kid Divisions..Inshore and Offshore Divisions.
Texas Anglers Recognition Program
TPWD Official Weigh Station,77563
Coastal Bend Weigh Team, Cert. Weigh Master