Since we pretty much started we put a cap on our membership first at 40 and currently at 50. We would like to have about 40 fishing on a regular basis and currently are averaging 32.

Because many of our members are seniors they have a lot of medical issues to deal with. And then there is the grand kids coming and visiting relatives in other states and just plain vacations.
Our members who are off on Thursdays that work mostly don't get every Thursday off so some miss about half of our tournaments.

For that reason we are taking our cap off and are looking for mainly boaters. We had four leave recently also mainly medical and work reasons and it makes it tough to be able to seat all of our co-anglers.

Our dues is $5 a year, tournaments are $12 which includes a $10 pp pay back with $2 going to the club. We also have an optional $5 big bass pot and an optional $10 side pot.

Co-anglers give the boaters $20 for expenses.

This is a draw club where the boater (who is fishing against the other boaters) and the co-anglers (who are fishing against the other co-anglers) share a lot of information, learning Lake Fork and it's techniques while counting every fish they catch over 10" including the slots. Each anglers 5 best fish count on this one.

The regular LFA tournament is every other week or two times a month.

We do a different format on one Thursday a month where the members are drawn into teams and it is the best 10 fish caught in the boat.

And we do yet another format, which follows the TV show Major League Fishing where every bass you catch over 10" counts,
fishing on the remaining Thursdays.

Not all members fish every Thursday but there certainly is a core number that do. You would be surprised how good you become by being on Fork on a regular basis. It keeps you up with where the fish are and what they are eating. And it makes a better caster of us all.

If you are interested take a look at our website at , PM me on here or e-mail me at

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

Most people only hear the stories about Fork, come down and let the lake beat them. Spending time with us is definitely a learning experience that will make you a better angler..
Lake Fork Anglers
Faze 4 Bass Anglers: Team Competition
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD to Annouce our Induction into the
Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Contact me to schedule the LFSA Live Release Boat for your Lake Fork tournaments.