Introducing "Fish Stank" 100% Bio-Scent "Craw Flavor"! We hooked up with folks who know scent and how to use it effectively. Then we made a powerful potion combining other *secret ingredients* and tested the back-end out of it. After many trials, involving our own soft plastic products and customer tournament wins, we believe we have the key ingredient that will give you the tournament edge. To our customers...."Yes, We bottled it"! Not only does it give your baits super powers, "Fish Stank" conditions your baits keeping them soft and lubricated. "Fish Stank" can be used on any soft plastic bait, silicone or rubber skirt, trailers, hard baits heck even mix it into your dough bait for more flavor. Just a little goes a long way! We are currently working on "shad" scent <<<<(You gotta get this one as well!)and will be releasing that soon!!! To kick off "Fish Stank" 100% Bio-Scent at Fun N Sun Jan 13-15, we will give away 1 bottle to the first 5 customers who show up at our booth and say "Give me some Fish Stank" on Friday Jan.13th! This is a limited time offer so take advantage! See everyone at Fun N Sun!!!