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I use to buy from Moes and really missed the screwlock deadheads...

MtPockets got the job done with the black hooks of my choice and they came out nice!

I even ordered some screwlock shad heads for swimbaits with same black hooks. I caught over 30 five plus pound hybrid on the same sassy using the new head!

Thanks MtPockets!!!

Absolutely agree! Charlie will make you anything you want. He made me a bunch of 1-2 oz shad jig heads with the screw lock and the shorter shank heavy black hooks and they work great on 4" berkley gulp minnows. There is nothing that compares to the screw lock to help you get more fish out of the pricey gulp baits when the fish are being a little picky.

Another thing that sometimes works well is using a crappie jig above your big jig and those screw locks on the small hooks will help you get way more fish out of those little baits too. Charlie also can make you any size screw lock hook or weight to fit any tiny plastic you want with quality hooks that hold up to the bigger fish as well.

Caught a bunch in the cooler yesterday on the small top crappie jig tied on a huckaby loop knot (fast and easy to tie and the jig always sits right in the water. Thanks again Charlie for the quality custom jig heads