First let me give a big Thank You to all the TFF Yakkers who provided me with immeasurablely valuable information last year for a highly successful road trip all the way from the "Land of the Chosen Frozen" to your gorgeous state. Although I got rained out at Lake Fork in April, I still fished it. The Bass didn't care that it was raining! The tip to fish Lake Athens and Brandy Branch in my Hobie PA14 were the best parts of my trip.
This year I'm headed to Lake Amistad first, then working my way back to O.H. Ivey. Now the last thing I wanna do is get in the way of and p#ss off the local big boat fishermen on either Lake. So, looking for some tips and info from you Texas Yakkers on where I should go in order to stay out of their way. Specific areas on either Lake that is conducive to kayak fishing?
Also, I fell in love with Brandy Branch, in part cause I caught a five pounder there. Any tips on other Power Plant lakes that favor yak fishing?
This web site is an awesome resource for fishermen. Again, thanks to all who provided tips and information. If anyone is headed this way, please feel free to hit me up for Wyoming Trout fishing info.