What new for North Texas American Bass Anglers (ABA) districts for 2017. In Oct it was announced that that the nation championship will note be on the each coast. Ouachita River is Destination for the 2017 Championship; Ouachita River in Monroe, LA on October 15-20, 2017. There is still time to qualify through ABA north texas districts tournament :

Districts 112 Wichita Falls (Director: Rob Eckle) http://www.drawtrail.com/2017DivPage.php?Division=112

Districts 54 North DFW (Director: Robert Youngblood)http://www.drawtrail.com/2017DivPage.php?Division=54

This one of the few national tournament trails where boaters, non-boaters and anglers of the year from each district have a chance to win new bass boats in the same national tournament.
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