January this year is actually a little warmer than past years, and I'm sure that has something to do with the ability to catch more sand bass and hybrids than in the past.

Also helping us along is we seemed to have had a great spawning season last year because of the rains at just the right time, we have an abundance of 11 and 12 inch sand bass. Stack the successful spawning of the sand bass or white bass as they are sometimes called with two consecutive years of really great Hybrid Striper stockings. It's a bunch of fish! We're seeing tons of 14 and 15 inch hybrids. Lots of these fish will be keeping size by next fall if not sooner.

The blue cat, black bass, and crappie have gone nuts with all the flooded brush for cover.

The lake is in good shape, we're about foot and a half maybe two feet low. The creeks are running and I bet we have another good spawning this year.

I’m looking forward to Spring Break in mid March to get these kiddos on the water and starting the spring off with a big time fishing trip. I'm catching fish now on the days we can get out on the lake between fronts and we will be catching fish spring break.

If you would like to schedule something for now or later on in the spring now is as good a time as any to plan your first fishing trip of the year.

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