Members planning on fishing the tournament on 1/5 will not be disappointed that they don't have to fish in freezing temps.

Most of our members are seniors and don't need to come home with pneumonia so we do the right thing and just cancel.

In 2016 we also skipped one of 26 for high winds and low temps.

Right now with three prospective members we are at full cap of 50 but we are still looking for co-anglers to fish as guests.

Lake Fork Anglers is a friendly learning club fishing only on Lake Fork day times on Thursdays.

E-mail me at or pm me on here for info. Our next tournament is Thursday Jan 12th. Registration begins at 7 AM at the Minnow Bucket. $12 entry, $5 lunker pool, $10 side pot, $5 annual dues.
Lake Fork Anglers
Faze 4 Bass Anglers: Team Competition
Hard Core..Major League Fishing format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

Contact me to schedule the LFSA Live Release Boat for your Lake Fork tournaments.