It's here folks! Finally time to get out on Lake Grapevine put a hurting on those smallmouth and raise some money for the most noble of causes. I'm very proud to say that Darryl had his surgery, it was successful, he's in the process of healing now. We hope to see him at the weigh in, but with it being cold and him on the mend I'm not going to hold my breath on that. Please come out and join us, it will be a little chilly in the morning but the fish have been biting. You certainly don't get as many bites on Grapevine right now, but the ones That do bite are good fish. Lots of smallmouth showing up and lots of over largemouth. We might just see a 10 pound largemouth weighed in... is the new lake record smallmouth of jeopardy? When you come off the lake, load the boat, and head to bass pro shops we will have barbecue hot and ready to be served to warm you up. Scott and I look forward to seeing you all there!