Hey guys, I'm generally a lurker here. I've moved to central Texas(Brown County ranch) from the coast about 2 years ago. I guided saltwater bay and offshore for years but generally only catfished from rivers(Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers). I was very good at locating river fish but have hit a wall in the learning curve on lakes. I'm either on fire or a total skunk. I've been learning ton's from you pro's here and have really enjoyed some serious laughs at numerous threads. I made a trip to a Power Plant lake yesterday and was glad of this decision. We loaded two Ice chest! My friend kept Tilapia and I mostly catfished. We cleaned 22 fish at the dock and I iced the rest to clean at home. Sweet justice to make up for the last two skunks! My New Years resolution is for all of us to manage a few more heavy stringers this year! Salute! CK

Never let truth stand in the way of a good fish story!