Fished the Sabine River and bayous around Orange with a long-time fishing buddy on 12-28-16 out of Blue Bird. We caught around 45-50 bass and four grinnel.

The water temp was 69-72 degrees. Weather was generally overcast, foggy, and drizzly; winds were light until late in the day. The most productive baits were TR worms, WR worms, creature baits, and lipped CB's. Nothing on spinner baits, but we didn't really try to force feed them. Fish were positioned out in the channels rather than at the base of cypress trees, as is typical. We got into a bend of a bayou where the bass were schooling! We hammered them there for over an hour!

Keys to catching were finding clear or slightly stained water and an outgoing tide. Once the tide bottomed out so did the catching!

Catching bass on the Sabine River is usually a matter of fishing "spots". However, just when you think you have the River figured out it will humiliate you!