It’s getting to be that time of year, time for the big trout to come out and play in the shallow water. We are starting to take bookings for 2 day trips in Port Mansfield. Why two? Because after the first day you will not want to leave. This discount will run from December 1st-February 28th.

Package price;
3 people-$367 per person
4 people-$275 per person
5 people-$220 per person

These trips are strictly wading lures, with the hunt for trophy trout in mind. Sure, fish for dinner can be caught, but filling the ice chest is not the intent for the trip. It is to seek out your personal best, or upgrade that. Once you go and experience the shallow water trout fishing on this part of the beautiful Texas Coast, you will be hooked and hungry for more. Rod/reel combos can be provided, but arrangements must be made ahead of time. Contact me today for a trophy trout trip of a lifetime.


Y-Knot Rentals in Port Mansfield.
Phone #-(956) 944-2575

Sunset House Motel
Phone# (956) 944-2182

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