I thought it had gotten quite after Labor Day, but the last 30 days have been unusually quite as there's been several days I've never seen another boat while conducting a 5 hour Guide Trip. Seems that each year the Lake receives less and less traffic even in the peak months and zero traffic from around November thru early March. Oh well...just more fish for those that do like a 45,000 acre Pond all too themselves breakdance Fishing is very very good now and looks like we'll have a Fall/Winter White & Hybrid bite this year compared to having to go for Catfish the last two years. The good spawns and full lake have loaded the Main Lake with LOTS of small Whites, but mixed in with the small ones are Magnums like we're used to catching in the dead of Winter. Fish are feeding aggressively and starting to put on roe. The past two Hybrid Stockings apparently had a great survival rate as two days last week (Friday & Saturday) we caught and released well over 200 17"-19" Hybrids between our two boats. The fish are literally ALL OVER the main lake as last week we caught fish on the Flats, Pelican Island, Windsock, and just about anywhere you looked. Yesterday, we sat on a huge school on the Roadbed and never left. Almost all our fish are coming on RSR 1 oz. Silver or Chartruse Slabs ( www.rsrlures.com ) Most days we're doing a couple of hours of Catfishing as they are even easier than the Whites and then fishing the second half of the trip for Whites. Like I said, it doesn't get much better! Give us a call and We'll Go Catchin'!

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