It was a good weekend (or bad if you check my bank account) for fishing gear. I picked up a couple Shimano Sahara's at bass pro for $49.99 each. Next I found a Curado 201HG on for $129.99. Also picked up a Curado 71XG for $149.99. Searched a little more and found a great website for cheap gear. I got 2 curado 201is for $112 each!! Kistler also had a good sale on rods and I picked up a couple crankin rods, 1 argon and 1 carbon steel. I feel like I did pretty good considering retail vs what I actually paid for everything. Definitely an expensive few days with the tackle warehouse and dicks sale added in there. Oh yeah, check out periodically, I got a couple diawa aird coastals for $35 each and a kovert denali rod for $50 recently. Do your homework and you can find some great deals out there. has an extra 15% off when you use code TRIPLE15 and the more you add the more you save. Hope you guys can capitalize on some of these deals.