Started fishing about 9. Put in at the dam. Great cloud cover and wind ( and more wind) lol. Thought i would killem ( not). Water temp 66. Started out main lake and secondary points along east shore. Started with buzz baits ( nothing) spinner baits ( nothing), square bills ( nothing) worked them from shore line to a 8' depths. Stirred up plenty small bait fish. Saw no top water activity ( except baitfish). Finally got tired of that. Decided to get out old faithful ( crig) and started looking for under water structure in mouths and first halves of creeks. Saw bait balls in 15'-20'. Started throwing crig to structure. First fish slot fish at 10:15 ish from about 16' depth. Caught 3 more unders till about 1:30. Also threw dd22 for awhile no luck. Everything came on crigs from 12-18'. Had not fished the county in about 20 years, could not remember anything, and I had no water dogs ( those were the days) lol.