It's easy to be encouraged for this fall fishing.
We've been limiting out on sand bass are close to it on every trip lately.
Sometimes it's hard to find the bigger sand bass but most mornings we get into the really good fish. The numbers of smaller hybrids and sand bass make me very encouraged for next year’s fishing. Most days I'm going to find the fish with my electronics, turn on them, drop the trolling motor and vertical jig a slab jig combination almost right over the top of the school.
Fall fishing usually means a few working birds to indicate feeding fish and these are normally really good fish. When I spot this I usually back off with the trolling motor and cast the slab rig in the direction of the working birds. Letting it drop to the bottom and sort of Crow hopping it back to the boat.
This is so different from vertical jigging, you need to be able to cast a little for one and it's just a different feeling bite maybe more aggressive. Most folks really like the change of pace and it's very productive.
If you're looking for some good fishing this Fall Season and want the chance to spend quality time with family and friends give or maybe you would like to purchase a gift certificate for the holidays or birthdays, give me a call.
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Happy Holidays